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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 424B3 on 11/13/1998
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                          RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC
                     Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
                         (All Dollar Amounts in 000's)

                                                                                            Nine Months Ended
                                                                                           September 30, 1998
<S>                                                                                  <C> 
Operating Activities:
  Net (loss)                                                                                             
  Adjustments to non-cash and non-operating items:                                            $      (8,030)
  Depreciation and amortization                                                                      12,259
  Accretion on senior discount notes and non-cash interest expense                                    4,835
  Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
     Accounts receivable - other                                                                       (543)
     Accounts receivable - trade, net                                                                (1,003)
     Prepaid expenses and other assets                                                                ( 530)
     Accounts payable                                                                                    32
     Accrued expenses                                                                                 7,890
     Subscriber advance payments and deposits                                                           644
     Other liabilities                                                                                    8
     Advances from affiliates                                                                           104
     Deferred marketing support                                                                         478
  Net cash provided by operating activities                                                          16,144

Investing Activities:
  Purchased cable television systems:
    Property, plant and equipment                                                                   (65,291)
    Cable television franchises                                                                    (235,701)
    Cash paid in excess of identifiable assets                                                       (8,608)
  Capital expenditures                                                                               (2,260)
  Cable television franchises                                                                        (1,510)
  Other Intangible assets                                                                              (463)
Net cash used in investing activities                                                              (313,833)

Financing Activities:
  Debt acquisition costs                                                                             (8,344)
  Principal repayments on bank debt                                                                  (7,500)
  Proceeds from bank debt                                                                           110,000
  Proceeds from 10% Senior Discount Notes                                                           100,012
  Capital contributions (includes cash contributed by Renaissance Media Holdings LLC)               108,600
Net cash provided by financing activities                                                           302,768
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents                                                             5,079
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period                                                          -
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period                                                     $      5,079         

          See accompanying notes to consolidated financial statements