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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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                          ORDINANCE CALENDAR NO. 3081
                   ORDINANCE POLICE JURY SERIES NO. 98-7821
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     Technology Center in Manderville is located less than 2,000 feet from
     Grantee's existing fiber lines.  If on exact measurement the distance
     proves to be further than 2,000 feet Grantee shall provide fiber wiring
     beyond 2,000 feet of Grantee's cost payable by the School Board.

7.6  Grantee shall provide to the School Board at no charge, a total of two (2)
     subscriptions to each school in the parish, "Cable In The Classroom", which
     subscription shall continue for the term of the franchise.  It is
     specifically understood that retention of this obligation is any extension
     or renewal of this franchise is reasonable to meet the future cable related
     community needs and interests.

7.7  On or before March 25th, 1998, Grantee shall complete to operational
     readiness the fiber transmission between the Policy Jury's Highway 59
     Administrative Complex Cable Access  Channel Department and Grantor's
     headed and shall provide at no charge labor hereinafter and receivers and
     other necessary equipment listed on Exhibit "A" hereto up to a cost to Time
     Warner of $20,000.  Within six (6) months of the Police Jury's approval of
     transfer of assignment of the franchise, Grantee shall complete to
     operational readiness a similar line from the Slidell Policy Jury
     Administrative Complex to the Slidell headend.

7.8  In addition to all of the above, Grantee agrees to consider providing those
     services, not listed and use of equipment which it has provided in the past
     for the government access channel.

     Section 9.  Franchise Pact is hereby amended by addition of the following:

9.1(a) For all revenues received after January 1, 1999, Grantee shall calculate
     and pay to the Parish franchise fees based on its "over the cable revenues"
     with no deduction whatsoever, as consistent with City of Dallas v. FCC.
     Grantee shall have an obligation to pay the Franchise fee pursuant to the
     City of Dallas decision starting January 1, 1999.

9.3  It is specifically understood that, for no purpose whatsoever, shall
     payments made pursuant to Section 7 hereof or in connection with the Police
     Jury's claim regarding franchise non-compliance, be considered as franchise
     fees or taxes or not (against any limit on taxes or franchise fees imposed
     by local, state or federal laws.

9.4  Within thirty (30) days after effective date of this amendment, Grantee
     shall provide the Police Jury a performance bond in the amount of Five
     Hundred Thousand $500,000.00) Dollars to secure performance of obligations
     under the franchise agreement, as amended.

     Section 14, Compliance with Municipal, State and Federal Laws, Rules and
Regulations is hereby amended by addition of the following:

     Grantee, whether, Time Warner, or any other party shall throughout the term
     of this franchisee, meet those obligations imposed by the Time Warner
     Social Contract between Time Warner Cable and the FCC.  Social Contract for
     Time Warner, PCC-93-477 and shall continue to meet those obligations so
     long as they are binding on Grantee.