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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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                   ORDINANCE CALENDAR NO. 3081
                   ORDINANCE POLICE JURY SERIES NO. 98-2821
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2.   The Cable T.V. franchise agreement which is recorded in COB 1385 folio 901
     of the official records of the Clerk of Court for St. Tammany Parish is
     hereby amended as follows:

           Section 2(N) Definition is hereby repealed and deleted and is 
     rewritten as follows:

     .     "Reasonable Extended Pole Sources" shall mean areas of the Parish
     that have developed to eighteen (18) homes for each mile of cable plan that
     would be required to serve such

           Section 6   Service to Schools, Fire Station, Etc. is hereby amended 
     by addition of the following requirements:

     .     By September 1, 1998, Grantor shall provide at no charges wiring to
           and a (illegible) drop at Calvington High School as well as internal
           wiring of the high school building et al. Thereafter, Grantee shall
           provide the school at no charge such basic and expanded basic non-
           premium channels as are provided to government buildings.

           Section 7. Cable Channels for Public Education and Government Centers
     is hereby reprised and deleted and is redirected as follow:

     7.1   Grantee shall provide the Police Jury exclusive law and control of a
           governmental access channel, Channel #10, or lower, twenty-four hours
           each day, seven days each week. The Police Jury shall have sole and
           exclusive authority over the content of said channel, granting to
           Grantee only such rights to access disc or capacity to play be
           required under federal law.

     7.2   Grantee shall pay the Policy Jury Twenty Thousand and No/100
           (20,000,000) Dollars specifically unmarked for the Government Assets
           Channel, for cable access facilities and equipment on or before April
           10, 1998. Thereafter, on or before January 1st of each year, during
           the item of the franchise. Grantee shall pay the Police Jury for the
           Government Access Channel each year additional sums of Twelve
           Thousand Five Hundred ($12,500.00) Dollars for cable access
           facilities and equipment as specified by the cable access chanel
           director. It is specifically agreed (illegible).

     7.3   Grantee shall issue at no charge, audio, video, or alphanumeric 
           programming (illegible) for government access channel, Channel #10, 
           or lower, on all channels in which it inserts such enhancements up to
           fifty (50) per month.

     7.4   Grantee shall provide the Police Jury at no charge, a movable
           turntable satellite receiving antenna to download programming in
           accordance with Exhibit "B" herein, within ninety (90) days after the
           Police Jury's approval of assignment or transfer of the franchise.

     7.5   With thirty (30) days written request from the St. Tammany Parish
           School Board, Grantee shall activate and provide the School Board
           exclusive rule and control of an access optical and fiber link from
           the Stiddel head and to the School Board's Technology Center in
           Meadowville as follows: By September 1, 1998, the original acid link
           will be made available to each St. Tammany Parish and by December 31,
           1999 to the balance of the parish. The School Board will have use of
           the channels twenty-four hours each day, seven days a week with sole
           and exclusive authority with the control of said channel granting to
           Time Warner only such rights to upgrade time and capacity as may be
           required under federal law.