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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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                                 April 8, 1998

Time Warner Cable
60097 Highway 11
Slidell, Louisiana 70458

ATTENTION: Kelly LeBouef

           Re: Time Warner Cable

Dear Mr. LeBouef:

     As requested, this will acknowledge receipt of the check of Cablevision 
Industries of Louisiana partnership d/b/a Time Warner ("Time Warner") in the 
amount of One Hundred Two Thousand Five Hundred ($102,500) dollars pursuant to 
 Tammany police Jury ordinance Calendar No. 3081, Series 98-2821. For 
reference, your check includes the following payments:

                Item No. 1         $ 62,500
                --------------       ---------
                Sec. 7.2           $ 20,000
                --------------       ---------
                Sec. 7.7           $ 20,000   , with grantee remaining 
                --------------       ---------  responsible for instalation, 
                                   maintenance and replacement as needed at 
                                   their expense.

     In addition, to the best of counsel's knowledge: (a) the Franchise 
Ordinance PJS No. 88-996, as amended, is currently in full force and effect and 
expires on November 15, 2003; (b) Cablevision Industries of Louisiana d/b/a Time
Warner Cable ("Time Warner") is the valid holder and authorized grantee of the 
Franchise; (c) Cablevision Industries of Louisiana Partnership d/b/a Time Warner
Cable ("Time Warner") is in compliance in all material respects with the 
Franchise, franchise fees for the first quarter of 1998 being due May 15, 
1998; (d) no event has occurred or exists that would constitute a default under 
the Franchise or that would permit the Police Jury to terminate the Franchise; 
and (e) all actions necessary to approve the transfer of the Franchise to 
Renaissance have been taken.


                                       /s/ Lane A. Carson

                                       LANE A. CARSON
                                       Assistant District Attorney