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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
Entire Document

TWC's compliance with the terms, conditions, and procedures set forth in the
Contract.  If this Contract is not approved by Commission order and accepted by
TWC, or if the Contract is otherwise rendered invalid, in whole or in part, by
final order of any court of competent jurisdiction, the Contract or such part
may not be used in any fashion by the FCC in any legal proceeding.

               d. TWC may commence any necessary or appropriate actions to
initiate the rate adjustment processes embodied in this Contract at any time
after the Effective Date, provided, however, as to any system listed on Appendix
                          --------  -------
A, TWC shall not implement any rate adjustment pursuant to Section III.F.4.a. of
this Contract unless the Refund provided for in Section III.E. has been issued
as to such system, or the issuance of such Refund begins simultaneously with
such rate adjustment. All Refunds will be issued within six months of the first
rate adjustment implemented pursuant to Section III.F.4.a. To facilitate prompt
initiation of the refunds and rate adjustments authorized by this Contract, any
local franchise agreement or any state or local law or regulation is preempted
on a one-time basis to the extent that it requires TWC to give advance notice of
rate and service changes to subscribers. Such notice shall be provided by the
best means practicable, such as newspaper announcements and/or on-screen
messages. Such preemption shall be limited to the period prior to February 1,
1996. If TWC is unable to commence implementation of such refunds and rate
adjustments by January 1, 1996, but commences such implementation on or before
February 1, 1996, it shall provide at least thirty days notice to LFAs and
subscribers. If any subscribers cancels his or her subscription to the relevant
CPST within thirty days after the date of the first bill reflecting the CPST
adjustment authorized by this Contract, TWC will refund to that subscriber the
incremental amount attributable to such increase.