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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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Commission agree that they will each actively defend, before any forum, any
Commission order adopting the provisions of this Contract against any appeal of
or other legal challenge by any third party to any such order.  TWC and the
Commission each agree that they will reasonably cooperate with the other in any
such defense of the Contract and any such order.

               b. If the Commission, or the United States on behalf of the
Commission, brings an action in any United States District Court to enforce the
terms of any Commission order adopting this Contract, TWC agrees, subject to the
terms of the immediately preceding paragraph, that it will not contest the
validity of such Commission order, or the Commission's authority to enter into
the Contract. TWC reserves the right, in defense of such an enforcement action,
to demonstrate that it has complied with the provisions of the Contract or to
assert its own interpretation regarding any performance obligations imposed by
the Contract which may be subject to dispute.


               a. The term of this Contract shall commence on the Effective Date
and, subject to Section III.I.1. above regarding modification and termination
and Section III.F.6. above regarding adjustments to systems covered, shall
continue in effect for five (5) years.

               b. TWC and the Commission agree to execute this Contract as of
the Effective Date promptly upon issuance by the Commission of an order
approving this Contract.

               c. The Commission and TWC expressly acknowledge and agree that
the effectiveness of this Contract is contingent upon resolution and termination
of TWC's CPST proceedings; issuance by the Commission of an order approving the
Contract, and