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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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enter into and enforce this Contract.  The Commission will not seek to dismiss
any such legal challenge on grounds that this Contract renders such challenge
moot and will actively oppose any assertion in court that this Contract moots
any such challenge.


          This settlement is without a finding by the Commission of any
wrongdoing by TWC or any of its systems, subsidiaries or affiliates.  Neither
this Contract nor any aspect of the settlement contained herein constitutes an
admission by TWC of any violation of, or failure to conform to or comply with,
any law, rule or policy applicable to TWC or any of its systems, subsidiaries or


          In consideration of the Commission entering into this Contract, and
resolving and terminating pending CPST cases and complaints in accordance with
the terms of this Contract, TWC hereby agrees to the terms, conditions and
procedures contained in this Contract.  TWC and the Commission each acknowledge
that it believes this Contract, and the terms, conditions and procedures hereof,
provide for and will facilitate a fair and expeditious resolution of the cases
and complaints that are the subject hereof in a manner that serves the public

          7.   LEGAL CHALLENGES.

          TWC waives any right it may have to any judicial review or appeal, or
any other right to otherwise challenge or contest the validity of any order by
the Commission adopting this Contract, or to use this Contract as evidence in
any such proceeding.  TWC agrees that the provisions of this Contract shall be
incorporated by reference in the Commission's order formally approving this
Contract.  TWC and the