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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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and ordinances that are not the subject of or affected by the terms of this
Contract, except that LFAs may not regulate rates or order refunds for the
services and equipment subject to this Contract except in accordance with the
terms of this Contract. Nothing herein shall affect the enforceability of any
otherwise valid preexisting local franchise agreement, ordinance, local law or
regulation which provides benefits which exceed those provided in this Contract
relating to system upgrades or the wiring of schools, nor shall LFAs be
restricted in their authority to negotiate for such additional benefits after
the Effective Date of this Contract. It is not the intent of either the FCC or
TWC that this Contract create any judicially enforceable rights in any other
parties. This Contract shall be enforceable against TWC by the FCC exclusively
and no other party may seek to enforce this Contract as a third party
beneficiary or otherwise, except that subscribers to TWC systems which increase
their CPST rates will still have the right to file complaints with the FCC to
the extent permitted under applicable FCC rules.

               b. For purposes of the Commission's authority to enforce any
provision of this Contract against TWC, including enforcement actions brought in
U.S. District Court, TWC agrees that any breach of this Contract by TWC shall be
considered the equivalent of a violation of an order of the FCC, entitling the
Commission to exercise any rights and remedies attendant to the enforcement of a
Commission order. However, aside from this limited purpose, TWC and the FCC
agree that a breach of this Contract by TWC is not to be considered by any other
party as the equivalent of a violation of an otherwise-valid FCC regulation or
FCC order. In particular, any failure to comply with this Contract shall not be
a basis for any denial of a franchise renewal by, or other enforcement action
of, any LFA.