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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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          c. In the event of any changes to the provisions of the Act or any
material changes to the FCC rules thereunder relating to rates (BST, CPST or
equipment) that are favorable to TWC, any TWC system may elect to be relieved
from the relevant rate provisions (Sections III.A.2., III.A.3., III.B., III.D.,
III.F.4. and III.G.) of this Contract accordingly, but shall remain bound by all
other provisions of this Contract. In the event any such system elects to be
relieved from such contract provisions in favor of such favorable regulatory
provisions such system will only be allowed to recover any incremental amount
that results under such favorable regulatory provisions in excess of any amount
already recovered pursuant to Section III.F.4.a. of this Contract. Nothing
herein shall restrict the ability of any TWC system to adjust CPST rates in the
event CPST rates are not regulated based upon changes to the Act or FCC

          d. The Commission expressly recognizes that TWC has relied on the
current federal law and FCC regulations governing cable television programming
and rates in entering into this Contract, and that the Contract represents an
accommodation between the FCC and TWC that generates substantial public interest
benefits. Consequently, the Commission agrees not to find any CPST or equipment
rate adjustments implemented in accordance with this Contract to be
"unreasonable" under any subsequently-modified FCC regulations or under any
subsequently-modified applicable statute, to the extent the Commission has
discretion under such statute in determining whether any such rate adjustments
are unreasonable.


               a. Nothing in this Contract shall restrict the ability of LFAs to
enforce the provisions of otherwise valid local franchise agreements, local
laws, regulations