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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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TWC will sponsor a workshop in each franchise area to educate teachers about the
TWC/Time Inc. on-line service and to provide them with an opportunity for hands-
on training.

          f. To the extent a local franchise agreement contains an obligation to
provide connections to schools as agreed to herein, TWC agrees not to seek to
recover any such costs for these connections as external or other costs.

          2.   HOME WIRING.

               a. Prior to a customer's termination of cable service, TWC will
not restrict the ability of a customer to remove, replace, rearrange or maintain
any cable wiring located within the interior space of the customer's dwelling
unit, so long as such actions do not interfere with the ability of such TWC
system to meet FCC technical standards or to provide services to, and collect
associated revenues from, that customer or any neighboring customer in a
multiple dwelling context.

               b. TWC will provide customers with a notification upon
commencement of service, and annually thereafter, advising them of their rights
relating to home wiring. Such notice will advise customers that they may either
(i) remove, replace, rearrange or maintain the home wiring themselves, (ii)
select a qualified third party contractor, or (iii) request the TWC system
provide such service at standard hourly installation rates, plus materials at

               c. Such notice will inform customers that if any home wiring is
improperly installed or rearranged by anyone other than TWC, and any harmful or
improper signal leakage occurs as a result, the customer may be held responsible
for the Cost of