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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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activated plant of its cable systems. BST and CPST service will be provided to
each outlet in such schools free of any charges. TWC will offer such service
connections to any other such private Secondary Schools located within its
franchised service areas at Cost. Any such private Secondary School may elect to
install its own internal wiring and to bear the cost thereof.

          c. TWC will provide a free monthly educational program listing to each
connected school.  Additional copies of such program listings will be provided,
if requested by a school, at Cost.  Such educational program listing will
identify and describe programming on the TWC system that is appropriate for use
in the classroom and will provide suggested curriculum support ideas.

          d. TWC will develop and provide to connected schools materials for
teachers that explain the educational applications of TWC's broadband cable
systems.  The materials will include a self-explanatory notebook and video.  One
copy of such materials will be provided at no charge to all school districts
with connected schools in franchise areas served by TWC.  Additional copies of
such materials will be provided, upon request, at Cost.

          e. Upon successful development by TWC and Time Inc. of an on-line
service for personal computers, TWC will provide each connected school with a
free connection to this on-line service to the extent it is available on the
local TWC cable system. Upon request, each connected school will receive one
free modem and free access to the TWC/Time Inc. on-line service for use during
the school year. Additional modems will be made available, upon request, at
Cost. Free access to the TWC/Time Inc. on-line service will be provided through
each such modem for use during the school year. In addition,