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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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incentives, or cost-of-service.  TWC reserves the right to seek to pass through
additional capital costs associated with any upgrades specified by any franchise
agreement, local law, regulation or ordinance which exceed the requirements of
this Contract.  Nothing herein shall affect the ability of TWC to implement any
New Product Tier ("NPT"), add channels to any such NPT, or establish rates for
any such NPT, subject to the FCC Going Forward Rules, or to implement any MPT
permitted by the terms of this Contract.

          5.   FAILURE TO MEET TARGET.

          If TWC fails to meet the upgrade requirement so as to provide the
bandwidth capacities described in Section III.F.1. of this Contract within the
term provided for therein, the then existing CPST subscribers to the cable
systems as to which such commitment has not been met will be entitled to refunds
(in the form of prospective bill credits) of the increases (net of inflation and
external cost adjustments) in CPST rates taken under Section III.F.4.a. of this
Contract, plus interest computed in accordance with FCC requirements for
subscriber refunds, and a liquidated damages penalty of 15% of such refund


               a. TWC shall include any cable systems acquired from CVI within
the provisions of this Contract, provided that the CPST settlement provisions of
this Contract shall not apply until any applicable settlements are mutually
agreed upon between TWC and the Commission. Addition of any other TWC systems
within the provisions of this Contract shall be subject to FCC approval, which
will be expeditiously decided and not be unreasonably withheld. Each LFA
representing any such system to be added to the provisions of this Contract
shall be served with a copy of the Contract and shall be afforded a 45-day
opportunity to opt out of the lifeline BST provisions in accordance with Section