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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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Preferred Tier(s) and any Superstation Tier is no greater than six.  The
subscriber's bill shall be adjusted by no more than 25 cents per such channel
returned to the CPST.  The services not returned to a CPST from the Preferred
Tier(s) shall be offered as a single MPT, separate from any Superstation Tier.
The initial price of any such MPT will be based on the Current Rate of the
Preferred Tier(s), reduced by an amount equal to the percentage of channels
shifted to a CPST.  Eligible Subscribers shall be issued a CPST Refund as
reflected in Appendix A.

          4. On its own motion, the Cable Services Bureau, consistent with the
terms set forth herein, hereby reconsiders any Letter of Inquiry ("LOI") rulings
involving any Migration System (LOI-93-24; LOI-93-32; LOI-93-47; LOI-93-48), and
TWE-A/N hereby petitions to withdraw its Applications for Review of such LOI
rulings and such petitions are hereby granted by the Commission.  The principles
in this Section III.D. relating to the unregulated treatment, for benchmark
calculation purposes, of up to six migrated channels, as incorporated in such
reconsidered LOI rulings, shall be binding on any LFA decision relating to BST
rates charged by any Migration System.

          5. On each of its systems which does not, as of the Publication Date,
offer a collective offering of a la carte channels created between April 1, 1993
and September 30, 1994, TWC may move a maximum of four existing BST or CPST
services to a single MPT per system.  TWC will set the initial rate for any new
MPT created pursuant to this paragraph at the same level, on a per channel
basis, that is set for that franchise's CPSTs under the Contract.  The rates for
any BST or CPST from which such channels are moved shall be reduced on a per
channel basis so that the initial creation of any such MPT shall be revenue