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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
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of this paragraph shall not otherwise affect the applicability of the remaining
provisions of this Contract in such community.

       b. In order to achieve its goal of creating low-cost BSTs, TWC will
restructure the BST on the remaining systems where the BST has not been reduced
by 10% as described above so as to create a lifeline-type service.  Such
restructuring will involve shifting channels from the BST to an existing or
newly created CPST (or MPT as permitted by Section III.D.5.) and not to any
service level which would not be subject to rate review upon the receipt of a
valid complaint under current FCC rules.  Such restructuring will not be deemed
by the FCC to be a "fundamental change" of any affected service tier.  At the
time of such restructuring, the BST rate will be reduced by an amount equal to
the percentage of the BST channels shifted to CPST.  Where the BST channels are
shifted to a newly created CPST, the rate for the CPST will be equal to the
amount of the reduction in the BST rate.  Where the BST channels are shifted to
an existing CPST, the rate of the existing CPST will be increased by an amount
necessary to recoup the reduction in revenues resulting from the reduction in
the BST rate as described above.  The 10% BST rate reduction, with CPST offset,
will be implemented upon restructuring of such remaining systems.  Nothing
herein shall be deemed to affect any otherwise enforceable franchise provision
relating to programming services to be provided by TWC.

          2.   BST PRICE CAP.

          After implementation of the 10% BST rate reduction described above,
all such reduced BST rates will be subject to a price cap, even in currently
unregulated TWC systems.  TWC will continue to be permitted to adjust BST rates
for changes in external costs and inflation, subject to any necessary LFA
approval.  The BST rate reduction referred