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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
Entire Document

       F. "Effective Date" means the date on which the FCC releases an order
approving this Contract.

       G. "Eligible Subscribers" means those CPST subscribers to any of TWC's
cable systems listed on Appendix A to this Contract at the time Refunds are

       H. "Going Forward Rules" means the FCC's rules adopted in the Sixth Order
on Reconsideration, 76 RR 2d 859 (1994), including all subsequent clarifications
- ------------------                                                              
and amendments.

       I. "Migrated Product Tier" or "MPT" means (a) a tier consisting of up to
four services moved from a system's existing BST or CPST(s) as described in
Section III.D.5. or (b) any Superstation Tier or any tier consisting of those
services remaining on a Preferred Tier, as defined in Section III.D.1., after
any excess channels have been shifted to CPST as described in Section III.D.3.

       J. "Publication Date" means the date on which the Commission releases its
initial Public Notice relating to this Contract.

       K. "Refund" means a prospective bill credit issued to Eligible

       L. "Time Warner Cable" or "TWC" means the collective reference to Time
Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. ("TWE"), TWI Cable Inc. ("TWI Cable") and
Time Warner Entertainment-Advance/Newhouse Partnership ("TWE-A/N"), or any
subsidiary, division or affiliate thereof, or, where consistent with the
context, any cable system owned or managed by TWE, TWI Cable or TWE-A/N, except
where particular provisions of this Contract specify a more limited scope.