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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/06/1998
Entire Document
                              Obligors will keep the Exchange Offer open for
                              not less than twenty business days in order to
                              provide for the transfer of registered ownership.
Guaranteed Delivery
 Procedures.................  Holders of Old Notes who wish to tender their Old
                              Notes and whose Old Notes are not immediately
                              available or who cannot deliver their Old Notes,
                              the Letter of Transmittal or any other documents
                              required by the Letter of Transmittal to the
                              Exchange Agent (or comply with the procedures for
                              book-entry transfer) prior to the Expiration Date
                              must tender their Old Notes according to the
                              guaranteed delivery procedures set forth in "The
                              Exchange Offer--Guaranteed Delivery Procedures."
Withdrawal Rights...........     
                              Tenders may be withdrawn at any time prior to
                              5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Expiration
Acceptance of Old Notes and
 Delivery of New Notes......  The Obligors will accept for exchange any and all
                              Old Notes which are properly tendered in the
                              Exchange Offer prior to 5:00 p.m., New York City
                              time, on the Expiration Date. The New Notes
                              issued pursuant to the Exchange Offer will be
                              delivered promptly following the Expiration Date.
                              See "The Exchange Offer--Terms of the Exchange
Federal Income Tax
                              The exchange pursuant to the Exchange Offer will
                              not be a taxable event for federal income tax
                              purposes. See "Material Federal Income Tax
Use of Proceeds.............  There will be no cash proceeds to the Obligors
                              from the Exchange Offer.
Exchange Agent..............
                              United States Trust Company of New York.