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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
           1)    That Renaissance agrees to renegotiate the existing franchise
                 agreement with the City of Eunice resolving in a new franchise
                 agreement on or before December 31, 1998:

           2)    That Renaissance agrees in principle that the new agreement
                 shall contain terms and conditions similar to those in the
                 franchise agreement between Time Warner Company and the St.
                 Landry Parish Police Jury:

           3)    That Renaissance agrees to comply with the terms of the "Social
                 Contract" entered into between Time Warner Company and the
                 Federal Communications Commission:

           4)    That Renaissance agrees to continue to provide all services or
                 benefits presently being received by the City of Eunice and its
                 citizens whether same are included in the existing franchise
                 agreement or not.

     3.    The foregoing consent to the transfer and assignment of the Franchise
shall only be effective upon the consummation of the transfer of the assets of
the System to Renaissance. Notice of the date of such consummation shall be
given to Franchising Authority.

     4.    Franchising Authority hereby consents to a transfer of the Franchise 
or control related thereto to any entity controlling, controlled by or under
common control with Renaissance.

     5.    Renaissance is authorized to pledge, mortgage, transfer in trust and 
otherwise hypothecate the property and assets used or held for use in connection
with the ownership and operation of the System, including the Franchise.

     6.    Franchising Authority hereby confirms that, to its knowledge:
           (a)   The Franchise is currently in full force and effect and expires
on December 12, 1999 subject to the obligation to negotiate the franchise 
agreement on or before December 31, 1998:

           (b)   Franchisee is currently the valid holder and authorized grantee
of the Franchise:

           (c)   Franchisee has paid all sums currently due under the terms of 
the franchise and:

           (d)   The franchising authority is not aware of any event which has 
occurred which constitutes a default under the franchise or permitting 
franchising authority to revoke or terminate the franchise but failure to comply
with the terms of this resolution shall be grounds to revoke or terminate the 

     Adapted by the City Council of the City of Eunice, Louisiana on this 30th 
day of March, 1998.     

                                                   /s/ [SIGNATURE APPEARS HERE]
                                                   Mayor, City of Eunice


- -----------------------------
City Clerk

                                       I hereby certify that the above and
                                       foregoing is a true and correct copy of
                                       RESQ398L. adopted by a Special meeting of
                                       the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the
                                       City of Eunice, La. on March 30, 1998.
                                       Given under my hand seal of office on 
                                       this 1st day of April 1998.

                                       /s/ [SIGNATURE APPEARS HERE]
                                           City Clerk
                                           06 Apr 98 09:25A