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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
                        LIST OF SCHEDULES AND EXHIBITS

Schedule 1.2            Additional Permitted Liens
Schedule 2.1(a)         Tangible Personal Property
Schedule 2.1(b)         Real Property
Schedule 2.1(c)         Franchises
Schedule 2.1(d)         Licenses
Schedule 2.1(e)         System Contracts
Schedule 2.2            Excluded Assets
Schedule 4.3            Buyer No Conflicts; Consents
Schedule 5.3            Seller No Conflicts; Consents
Schedule 5.4            Title to Assets
Schedule 5.5            Franchises, Licenses, and System Contracts
Schedule 5.6            Litigation
Schedule 5.8            System Information
Schedule 5.9            Compliance with Legal Requirements
Schedule 5.10           Financial Information
Schedule 5.12           Employees
Schedule 5.14           Environmental Matters
Schedule 6.1(g)         Rates

Exhibit A               LLC Terms Sheet
Exhibit B               Form of CSG Assignment
Exhibit C               Form of Seller's Counsel Opinion
Exhibit D               Form of Seller's FCC Counsel Opinion
Exhibit E               Form of Buyer's Counsel Opinion
Exhibit F               Form of Bill of Sale, Assignment and Assumption