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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
     "Taxes" means all levies and assessments imposed by any Governmental
Authority, including income, sales, use, ad valorem, value added, franchise,
severance, net or gross proceeds, withholding, payroll, employment, excise or
property taxes, and interest, penalties and other government charges with
respect thereto.

     "Tier Cable" means the cable television services described on Schedule 5.8
with respect to the Tennessee Systems as "Basic Reception Service" and "Cable
Programming Tier I" collectively, and with respect to the Louisiana and
Mississippi Systems as "Broadcast Basic" and "Standard Cable Service"

     "To Seller's knowledge" means to the actual knowledge of Bonnie J. Blecha
or David E. O'Hayre, or their respective successors, or the system or general
managers of the Systems.

      Section 1.3  Terms Defined in Other Sections. The following terms, have
the meanings given in the Sections indicated:

   Term                                                      Section
   ----                                                      -------
   "Agreement"                                               Preamble
   "Assets"                                                  2.1
   "Assumed Obligations and Liabilities"                     2.3
   "Beneficial Arrangement"                                  6.18(c)
   "Breaching Party"                                         9.1(b)
   "Buyer"                                                   Preamble
   "Cash Consideration"                                      2.4
   "Closing"                                                 8.1
   "Closing Subscriber Total"                                2.6
   "Consent"                                                 5.3
   "CPST Subscribers"                                        6.9(b)
   "CSG Assignments"                                         6.16
   "Current Items Amount"                                    2.5(a)
   "Deductible"                                              11.4(a)
   "Disclosing Party"                                        6.10
   "Eligible Accounts Receivable"                            2.5(a)(i)
   "Employee Obligations"                                    6.4(a)
   "Escrow Agent"                                            3.4
   "Escrow Agreement                                         3.4
   "Escrow Deposit"                                          3.4
   "Excluded Assets"                                         2.2
   "Final Adjustment Certificate"                            2.5(b)
   "Financial Statements"                                    5.10
   "Franchises"                                              2.1(c)
   "Guarantor"                                               6.17
   "Hired Employees"                                         6.4(b)
   "Indemnitee"                                              11.3(a)
   "Indemnitor"                                              11.3(a)