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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
applicable thereto, (c) the failure to borrow, convert, continue or prepay any
Loan on the date specified in any notice delivered pursuant hereto (regardless
of whether such notice may be revoked under Section 2.10(b) and is revoked in
accordance therewith) or (d) the assignment of any Eurodollar Loan other than on
the last day of the Interest Period applicable thereto as a result of a request
by the Borrower pursuant to Section 2.18, then, in any such event, the Borrower
shall compensate each Lender for the loss, cost and expense attributable to such
event. Such loss, cost or expense to any Lender shall be deemed to include an
amount determined by such Lender to be the excess, if any, of (i) the amount of
interest which would have accrued on the principal amount of such Loan had such
event not occurred, at the Adjusted LIBO Rate that would have been applicable to
such Loan, for the period from the date of such event to the last day of the
then current Interest Period therefor (or, in the case of a failure to borrow,
convert or continue, for the period that would have been the Interest Period for
such Loan), over (ii) the amount of interest which would accrue on such
principal amount for such period at the interest rate which such Lender would
bid were it to bid, at the commencement of such period, for dollar deposits of a
comparable amount and period from other banks in the eurodollar market. A
certificate of any Lender setting forth, in reasonable detail, any amount or
amounts that such Lender is entitled to receive pursuant to this Section and the
basis of the calculation thereof shall be delivered to the Borrower and shall be
conclusive absent manifest error. The Borrower shall pay such Lender the amount
shown as due on any such certificate within 10 days after receipt thereof.

         SECTION 2.16. Taxes. (a) Any and all payments by or on account of any
obligation of the Borrower under the Loan Documents shall be made free and clear
of and without deduction for any Indemnified Taxes or Other Taxes; provided that
if the Borrower shall be required to deduct any Indemnified Taxes or Other Taxes
from such payments, then (i) the sum payable shall be increased as necessary so
that after making all required deductions (including deductions applicable to
additional sums payable under this Section) the Administrative Agent, Lender or
Issuing Bank (as the case may be) receives an amount equal to the sum it would
have received had no such deductions been made, (ii) the Borrower shall make
such deductions and (iii) the Borrower shall pay the full amount deducted to the
relevant Governmental Authority in accordance with applicable law.

          (b) In addition, the Borrower shall pay any Other Taxes to the
relevant Governmental Authority in accordance with applicable law.

          (c) The Borrower shall indemnify the Administrative Agent, each Lender
and the Issuing Bank, within 10 days after written demand therefor, for the full
amount of any Indemnified Taxes or Other Taxes paid by the Administrative