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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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         (d) Promptly following receipt of an Interest Election Request, the
Administrative Agent shall advise each Lender of the details thereof and of such
Lender's portion of each resulting Borrowing.

         (e) If the Borrower fails to deliver a timely Interest Election
Request with respect to a Eurodollar Borrowing prior to the end of the Interest
Period applicable thereto, then, unless such Borrowing is repaid as provided
herein, at the end of such Interest Period such Borrowing shall be converted to
an ABR Borrowing. Notwithstanding any contrary provision hereof, if an Event of
Default has occurred and is continuing and the Administrative Agent, at the
request of the Required Lenders, so notifies the Borrower, then, so long as an
Event of Default is continuing, (i) no outstanding Borrowing may be converted to
or continued as a Eurodollar Borrowing and (ii) unless repaid, each Eurodollar
Borrowing shall be converted to an ABR Borrowing at the end of the Interest
Period applicable thereto.

         SECTION 2.07. Termination and Reduction of Commitments. (a) The Term
Commitments shall terminate on the Effective Date simultaneous with the funding
of the Loans made under those Commitments on the Effective Date, and the
Revolving Commitments shall terminate on the last day of the Revolving Credit
Availability Period.

         (b) The Borrower may at any time terminate, or from time to time
reduce, the Commitments of any Class; provided that (i) each reduction of the
Commitments shall be in an amount that is an integral multiple of $500,000 and
not less than $1,000,000 and (ii) the Borrower shall not terminate or reduce the
Revolving Commitments if, after giving effect to any concurrent prepayment of
the Loans in accordance with Section 2.10, the total Revolving Credit Exposures
would exceed the total Revolving Commitments.

         (c) The Borrower shall notify the Administrative Agent of any election
to terminate or reduce the Commitments of any Class under paragraph (b) of this
Section at least three Business Days prior to the effective date of such
termination or reduction, specifying such election and the effective date
thereof. Promptly following receipt of any notice, the Administrative Agent
shall advise the Lenders having Commitments of the affected Class of the
contents thereof. Each notice delivered by the Borrower pursuant to this Section
shall be irrevocable; provided that a notice of termination of the Commitments
delivered by the Borrower may state that such notice is conditioned upon the
effectiveness of other credit facilities, the effectiveness of a merger or
consolidation of the Borrower with any other Person or the consummation of a
sale or other disposition of all or a substantial part of the assets of the
Borrower, in which case such notice may be revoked by the Borrower (by notice to
the Administrative Agent on or prior to the