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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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Borrowing to a different Type or to continue such Borrowing and, in the case of
a Eurodollar Borrowing, may elect Interest Periods therefor, all as provided in
this Section. The Borrower may elect different options with respect to different
portions of the affected Borrowing, in which case each such portion shall be
allocated ratably among the Lenders holding the Loans comprising such Borrowing,
and the Loans comprising each such portion shall be considered a separate

          (b) To make an election pursuant to this Section, the Borrower shall
notify the Administrative Agent of such election by telephone by the time that a
Borrowing Request would be required under Section 2.03 if the Borrower were
requesting a Borrowing of the Type resulting from such election to be made on
the effective date of such election. Each such telephonic Interest Election
Request shall be irrevocable and shall be confirmed promptly by hand delivery or
telecopy to the Administrative Agent of a written Interest Election Request in a
form approved by the Administrative Agent and signed by the Borrower.

          (c) Each telephonic and written Interest Election Request shall
specify the following information in compliance with Section 2.02:

              (i)   the Borrowing to which such Interest Election Request
         applies and, if different options are being elected with respect to
         different portions thereof, the portions thereof to be allocated to
         each resulting Borrowing (in which case the information to be specified
         pursuant to clauses (iii) and (iv) below shall be specified for each
         resulting Borrowing);

              (ii)  the effective date of the election made pursuant to such
         Interest Election Request, which shall be a Business Day;

              (iii) whether the resulting Borrowing is to be an ABR Borrowing or
         a Eurodollar Borrowing; and

              (iv)  if the resulting Borrowing is a Eurodollar Borrowing, the
         Interest Period to be applicable thereto after giving effect to such
         election, which shall be a period contemplated by the definition of the
         term "Interest Period".

         If any such Interest Election Request requests a Eurodollar Borrowing
but does not specify an Interest Period, then the Borrower shall be deemed to
have selected an Interest Period of one month's duration.