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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
          (c) pledges and deposits made in the ordinary course of business in
compliance with workers' compensation, unemployment insurance and other social
security laws or regulations;

          (d) deposits to secure the performance of bids, trade contracts,
leases, statutory obligations, surety and appeal bonds, performance bonds and
other obligations of a like nature, in each case in the ordinary course of

          (e) easements, zoning restrictions, rights-of-way and similar
encumbrances on real property imposed by law or arising in the ordinary course
of business that do not secure any monetary obligations and do not materially
detract from the value of the affected property or interfere with the ordinary
conduct of business of the Borrower or any Subsidiary;

          (f) Liens created by the Collateral Documents;

          (g) Liens resulting from Acquisition Deposits;

          (h) Liens resulting from restrictions on transferability imposed (i)
under the terms of any Franchise, FCC License, pole attachment agreement or
other similar agreement entered into by the Borrower or any Subsidiary in the
ordinary course of business or (ii) as a result of the Borrower and its
Subsidiaries being subject to the Communications Act or similar state or local
laws and regulations;

          (i) tower leases or subleases granted to others that do not materially
interfere with the ordinary course of business of the Borrower and its
Subsidiaries, taken as a whole; and

          (j) any interest or title of a lessor in property leased by the
Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries under any capital lease or operating lease
permitted hereunder;

         provided that the term "Permitted Encumbrances" (x) shall not include
any Lien securing Indebtedness (other than the Loans and reimbursement
obligations in respect of LC Disbursements) and (y) when used with respect to
any Collateral subject to a Mortgage, shall mean the "Permitted Encumbrances" as
defined in such Mortgage only.

         "Permitted Holders" means any of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners III,
L.P., Morgan Stanley Capital Investors, L.P. and MSCPIII 892 Investors, L.P. and
their respective Affiliates.

         "Permitted Investments" means: