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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
Administrative Agent, as mortgagee or beneficiary, entered into after the
Effective Date, upon the occurrence and continuation of a Default, at the
request of the Required Lenders pursuant to Section 5.09(c), and "Mortgages"
means all of the foregoing.

         "Multiemployer Plan" means a multiemployer plan as defined in
Section 4001(a)(3) of ERISA.

         "Net Cash Proceeds" means, with respect to any Indebtedness Incurrence,
Equity Issuance or Asset Sale, an amount equal to the cash proceeds received by
the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries therefrom or in respect thereof
(including any cash proceeds received as income or other proceeds of any noncash
proceeds of any Asset Sale, but not including the amount of Indebtedness (if
any) assumed by the purchaser in any Asset Sale), less (x) any expenses
reasonably incurred by such Person in respect thereof and (y) solely with
respect to any Asset Sale, (i) the amount of any Indebtedness required to be
discharged in connection with or as a result of such Asset Sale, (ii) the amount
of any indemnification reserve funds established in connection with such Asset
Sale, but only until such time as such reserve funds are released if not paid
over to the purchaser or its designee in such Asset Sale and (iii) any taxes
actually paid or to be payable by such Person, giving effect to the overall tax
position of the Borrower (or, in the case of the Borrower so long as it is
treated as a partnership for United States federal, state or local income tax
purposes, distributions to its members at such times and in such amounts as
required to permit payment of taxes by such members in respect of their
distributive shares of income attributable to such Asset Sale).

         "Net Investment Amount" has the meaning specified in Section 6.04(i).

         "Obligor" means each of the Borrower, Parent Companies, Capital
Corporation and the Subsidiary Guarantors.

         "Other Taxes" means any and all present or future stamp or documentary
taxes or any other excise or property taxes, charges or similar levies arising
from any payment made hereunder or from the execution, delivery or enforcement
of, or otherwise with respect to, the Loan Documents.

         "Parent Companies" means Renaissance Media (Louisiana) LLC, a Delaware
limited liability company, and Renaissance Media (Tennessee) LLC, a Delaware
limited liability company, collectively, and "Parent Company" means either of
them, including, in each case, their respective successors. Unless the context
otherwise requires, whenever an amount is to be determined hereunder with
respect to Parent Companies, such amount shall be determined on a Combined