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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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10.  Discharge Prior to Redemption or Maturity.

         If the Obligors deposit with the Trustee money or U.S. Government
Obligations sufficient to pay the then outstanding principal of, premium, if
any, and accrued interest on the Notes (a) to redemption or maturity, the
Obligors and the Company will be discharged from the Indenture and the Notes,
except in certain circumstances for certain sections thereof, and (b) to the
Stated Maturity, the Obligors and the Company will be discharged from certain
covenants set forth in the Indenture.

11.  Amendment; Supplement; Waiver.

         Subject to certain exceptions, the Indenture or the Notes may be
amended or supplemented with the consent of the Holders of at least a majority
in principal amount of the Notes then outstanding, and any existing default or
compliance with any provision may be waived with the consent of the Holders of
at least a majority in principal amount of the Notes then outstanding. Without
notice to or the consent of any Holder, the parties thereto may amend or
supplement the Indenture or the Notes to, among other things, cure any
ambiguity, defect or inconsistency and make any change that does not adversely
affect the legal rights under the Indenture of any Holder in any material

12.  Restrictive Covenants.

         The Indenture imposes certain limitations on the ability of the Company
and its Restricted Subsidiaries, among other things, to Incur additional
Indebtedness, make Restricted Payments, suffer to exist restrictions on the
ability of Restricted Subsidiaries to make certain payments to the Company,
issue Capital Stock of Restricted Subsidiaries, Guarantee Indebtedness of the
Company, engage in transactions with Affiliates, suffer to exist or incur Liens,
enter into sale-leaseback transactions, use the proceeds from Asset Sales, or,
with respect to the Company and the Obligors, merge, consolidate or transfer
substantially all of their assets. Within 45 days after the end of each fiscal
quarter (90 days after the end of the last fiscal quarter of each year), the
Company shall deliver to the Trustee an Officers' Certificate stating whether or
not the signers thereof know of any Default or Event of Default under such
restrictive covenants.

         Renaissance Louisiana and/or Renaissance Tennessee will be
automatically, completely and unconditionally released and discharged from its
obligations in respect of the Notes upon the sale or other disposition (in
compliance with the first sentence of Section 4.11 of the Indenture) of all of
the Company's and each of its Restricted Subsidiary's Capital Stock in such
Obligor to any Person that is not an Affiliate of the Company; provided that
such sale is not governed by the provisions of Article Five of the Indenture and
after any such release and discharge at least one Obligor shall remain an
obligor on the Notes.