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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document

      SECTION 6.13.  Rights and Remedies Cumulative.  Except as otherwise
provided with respect to the replacement or payment of mutilated, destroyed,
lost or wrongfully taken Notes in Section 2.09, no right or remedy herein
conferred upon or reserved to the Trustee or to the Holders is intended to be
exclusive of any other right or remedy, and every right and remedy shall, to the
extent permitted by law, be cumulative and in addition to every other right and
remedy given hereunder or now or hereafter existing at law or in equity or
otherwise.  The assertion or employment of any right or remedy hereunder, or
otherwise, shall not prevent the concurrent assertion or employment of any other
appropriate right or remedy.

      SECTION 6.14.  Delay or Omission Not Waiver.  No delay or omission of the
Trustee or of any Holder to exercise any right or remedy accruing upon any Event
of Default shall impair any such right or remedy or constitute a waiver of any
such Event of Default or an acquiescence therein.  Every right and remedy given
by this Article Six or by law to the Trustee or to the Holders may be exercised
from time to time, and as often as may be deemed expedient, by the Trustee or by
the Holders, as the case may be.

                                 ARTICLE SEVEN

      SECTION 7.01.  General.  The duties and responsibilities of the Trustee
shall be as provided by the TIA and as are specifically set forth herein and no
covenants or obligations shall be otherwise implied by this Indenture.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, no provision of this Indenture shall require the
Trustee to expend or risk its own funds or otherwise incur any financial
liability in the performance of any of its duties hereunder, or in the exercise
of any of its rights or powers, if it shall have reasonable grounds for
believing that repayment of such funds or adequate indemnity against such risk
or liability is not reasonably assured to it.  Whether or not herein expressly
so provided, every provision of this Indenture relating to the conduct or
affecting the liability of or affording protection to the Trustee shall be
subject to the provisions of this Article Seven.

      SECTION 7.02.  Certain Rights of Trustee.  Subject to TIA Sections 315(a)
through (d):

          (i) the Trustee may rely, and shall be protected in acting or
     refraining from acting, upon any resolution, certificate, statement,
     instrument, opinion, report, notice, request, direction, consent, order,
     bond, debenture, note, other evidence of indebtedness or other paper or
     document believed by it to be genuine and to have been signed or presented
     by the proper person;

          (ii) before the Trustee acts or refrains from acting, it may require
     an Officers' Certificate and/or an Opinion of Counsel, which shall conform
     to Section 11.03 or Section