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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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in clause (i)(A) or (B) above and (b) the aggregate amount of which exceeds $4
million in value, must be determined to be fair in the manner provided for in
clause (i)(B) above.

      SECTION 4.09.  Limitation on Liens.  The Company will not, and will not
permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, create, incur, assume or suffer to exist
any Lien on any of its assets or properties of any character, or any shares of
Capital Stock or Indebtedness of any Restricted Subsidiary, without making
effective provision for all of the Notes and the Guaranty and all other amounts
due under this Indenture to be directly secured equally and ratably with (or, if
the obligation or liability to be secured by such Lien is subordinated in right
of payment to the Notes and the Guaranty, prior to) the obligation or liability
secured by such Lien.

     The foregoing limitation does not apply to (i) Liens existing on the
Closing Date, including Liens securing obligations under the Credit Agreement;
(ii) Liens granted after the Closing Date on any assets or Capital Stock of the
Company or its Restricted Subsidiaries created in favor of the Holders; (iii)
Liens with respect to the assets of a Restricted Subsidiary granted by such
Restricted Subsidiary to the Company or a Wholly Owned Restricted Subsidiary to
secure Indebtedness owing to the Company or such other Restricted Subsidiary;
(iv) Liens securing Indebtedness which is Incurred to refinance secured
Indebtedness which is permitted to be Incurred under clause (iii) of the second
paragraph of Section 4.03; provided that such Liens do not extend to or cover
any property or assets of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary other than
the property or assets securing the Indebtedness being refinanced; (v) Liens on
the Capital Stock of or any property or assets of a Restricted Subsidiary
securing Indebtedness of such Restricted Subsidiary permitted under Section
4.03; (vi) Liens securing Indebtedness outstanding under clause (i) of the
second paragraph under Section 4.03; or (vii) Permitted Liens.
      SECTION 4.10.  Limitation on Sale-Leaseback Transactions.  The Company
will not, and will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, enter into any sale-
leaseback transaction involving any of its assets or properties whether now
owned or hereafter acquired, whereby the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary
sells or transfers such assets or properties and then or thereafter leases such
assets or properties or any part thereof or any other assets or properties which
the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary, as the case may be, intends to use
for substantially the same purpose or purposes as the assets or properties sold
or transferred.

     The foregoing restriction does not apply to any sale-leaseback transaction
if (i) the lease is for a period, including renewal rights, of not in excess of
three years; (ii) the lease secures or relates to industrial revenue or
pollution control bonds; (iii) the transaction is solely between the Company and
any Wholly Owned Restricted Subsidiary or solely between Wholly Owned Restricted
Subsidiaries; or (iv) the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary, within 12
months after the sale or transfer of any assets or properties is completed,
applies an amount not less than the net proceeds received from such sale in
accordance with clause (A) or (B) of the first paragraph of Section 4.11.