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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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     SECTION 3.05.  Effect of Notice of Redemption.  Once notice of redemption
is mailed, Notes called for redemption become due and payable on the Redemption
Date and at the Redemption Price.  Upon surrender of any Notes to the Paying
Agent, such Notes shall be paid at the Redemption Price, plus accrued interest,
if any, to the Redemption Date.

     Notice of redemption shall be deemed to be given when mailed, whether or
not the Holder receives the notice.  In any event, failure to give such notice,
or any defect therein, shall not affect the validity of the proceedings for the
redemption of Notes held by Holders to whom such notice was properly given.

     SECTION 3.06.  Deposit of Redemption Price.  On or prior to any Redemption
Date, the Obligors shall deposit with the Paying Agent (or, if the Obligors are
acting as their own Paying Agent, shall segregate and hold in trust as provided
in Section 2.05) money sufficient to pay the Redemption Price of and accrued
interest on all Notes to be redeemed on that date other than Notes or portions
thereof called for redemption on that date that have been delivered by the
Obligors to the Trustee for cancellation.

     SECTION 3.07.  Payment of Notes Called for Redemption.  If notice of
redemption has been given in the manner provided above, the Notes or portion of
Notes specified in such notice to be redeemed shall become due and payable on
the Redemption Date at the Redemption Price stated therein, together with
accrued interest to such Redemption Date, and on and after such date (unless the
Obligors shall default in the payment of such Notes at the Redemption Price and
accrued interest to the Redemption Date, in which case the principal, until
paid, shall bear interest from the Redemption Date at the rate prescribed in the
Notes), such Notes shall cease to accrue interest. Upon surrender of any Note
for redemption in accordance with a notice of redemption, such Note shall be
paid and redeemed by the Obligors at the Redemption Price, together with accrued
interest, if any, to the Redemption Date; provided that installments of interest
whose Stated Maturity is on or prior to the Redemption Date shall be payable to
the Holders registered as such at the close of business on the relevant Regular
Record Date.

     SECTION 3.08.  Notes Redeemed in Part.  Upon surrender of any Note that is
redeemed in part, the Obligors shall execute and the Trustee shall authenticate
and deliver to the Holder without service charge a new Note equal in principal
amount at maturity to the unredeemed portion of such surrendered Note.