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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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               Year                      Price
               ----                   ----------
               2003.................     105.000%
               2004.................     103.333
               2005.................     101.667
               2006 and thereafter..     100.000

     (b) In addition, at any time prior to April 15, 2001, the Obligors may
redeem up to 35% of the principal amount at maturity of the Notes with the
proceeds of one or more sales of Capital Stock (other than Disqualified Stock)
of the Company or an Obligor to a Person other than the Company or any
Subsidiary of the Company, at any time or from time to time in part, at a
Redemption Price (expressed as a percentage of Accreted Value on the Redemption
Date) of 110.000%; provided that at least $106.0 million aggregate principal
amount at maturity of Notes remains outstanding after each such redemption and
notice of any such redemption is mailed within 60 days after the related sale of
Capital Stock.

     SECTION 3.02.  Notices to Trustee.  If the Obligors elect to redeem Notes
pursuant to Section 3.01(a) or 3.01(b), they shall notify the Trustee in writing
of the Redemption Date and the principal amount at maturity of Notes to be
redeemed and the clause of this Indenture pursuant to which redemption shall

     The Obligors shall give each notice provided for in this Section 3.02 in an
Officers' Certificate at least 45 days before the Redemption Date (unless a
shorter period shall be satisfactory to the Trustee).

     SECTION 3.03.  Selection of Notes to Be Redeemed.  If less than all of the
Notes are to be redeemed at any time, the Trustee shall select the Notes to be
redeemed in compliance with the requirements, as certified to it by the
Obligors, of the principal national securities exchange, if any, on which the
Notes are listed or, if the Notes are not listed on a national securities
exchange, by lot or by such other method as the Trustee in its sole discretion
shall deem fair and appropriate; provided that no Notes of $1,000 in principal
amount at maturity or less shall be redeemed in part.

     The Trustee shall make the selection from the Notes outstanding and not
previously called for redemption.  Notes in denominations of $1,000 in principal
amount at maturity may only be redeemed in whole.  The Trustee may select for
redemption portions (equal to $1,000 in principal amount at maturity or any
integral multiple thereof) of Notes that have denominations larger than $1,000
in principal amount at maturity.  Provisions of this Indenture that apply to
Notes called for redemption also apply to portions of Notes called for
redemption.  The Trustee shall notify the Obligors and the Registrar promptly in
writing of the Notes or portions of Notes to be called for redemption.