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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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provided in this Indenture. The Registrar shall not register a transfer of any
Note unless such transfer complies with the restrictions on transfer of such
Note set forth in this Indenture. In connection with any transfer of Notes, each
Holder agrees by its acceptance of the Notes to furnish the Registrar or the
Obligors such certifications, legal opinions or other information as either of
them may reasonably require to confirm that such transfer is being made pursuant
to an exemption from, or a transaction not subject to, the registration
requirements of the Securities Act; provided that the Registrar shall not be
required to determine (but may rely on a determination made by the Obligors with
respect to) the sufficiency of any such certifications, legal opinions or other

     The Registrar shall retain copies of all letters, notices and other written
communications received pursuant to Section 2.07 or this Section 2.08 for a
period of time required by applicable law. The Obligors shall have the right to
inspect and make copies of all such letters, notices or other written
communications at any reasonable time upon the giving of reasonable written
notice to the Registrar.

     SECTION 2.09.  Replacement Notes.  If a mutilated Note is surrendered to
the Trustee or if the Holder claims that the Note has been lost, destroyed or
wrongfully taken, then, in the absence of notice to the Obligors or the Trustee
that such Note has been acquired by a bona fide purchase, the Obligors shall
issue and the Trustee shall authenticate a replacement Note of like tenor and
principal amount and bearing a number not contemporaneously outstanding;
provided that the requirements of this Section 2.09 are met.  If required by the
Trustee or the Obligors, an indemnity bond must be furnished that is sufficient
in the judgment of both the Trustee and the Obligors to protect the Obligors,
the Trustee or any Agent from any loss that any of them may suffer if a Note is
replaced.  The Obligors may charge such Holder for its expenses and the expenses
of the Trustee in replacing a Note.  In case any such mutilated, lost, destroyed
or wrongfully taken Note has become or is about to become due and payable, the
Obligors in their discretion may pay such Note instead of issuing a new Note in
replacement thereof.

     Every replacement Note is an additional obligation of the Obligors and
shall be entitled to the benefits of this Indenture.

     SECTION 2.10.  Outstanding Notes.  Notes outstanding at any time are all
Notes that have been authenticated by the Trustee except for those canceled by
it, those delivered to it for cancellation and those described in this Section
2.10 as not outstanding.

     If a Note is replaced pursuant to Section 2.09, it ceases to be outstanding
unless and until the Trustee and the Obligors receive proof satisfactory to them
that the replaced Note is held by a bona fide purchaser.