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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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such Notes are duly endorsed or accompanied by a written instrument of transfer
in form satisfactory to the Trustee and Registrar duly executed by the Holder
thereof or by an attorney who is authorized in writing to act on behalf of the
Holder); provided that no exchanges of Notes for Exchange Notes shall occur
until a Registration Statement shall have been declared effective by the
Commission and that any Notes that are exchanged for Exchange Notes shall be
canceled by the Trustee. To permit registrations of transfers and exchanges, the
Obligors shall execute and the Trustee shall authenticate Notes at the
Registrar's request. No service charge shall be made for any registration of
transfer or exchange or redemption of the Notes, but the Obligors may require
payment of a sum sufficient to cover any transfer tax or similar governmental
charge payable in connection therewith (other than any such transfer taxes or
other similar governmental charge payable upon exchanges pursuant to Section
2.11, 3.08 or 9.04).

     The Registrar shall not be required (i) to issue, register the transfer of
or exchange any Note during a period beginning at the opening of business 15
days before the day of the mailing of a notice of redemption of Notes selected
for redemption under Section 3.03 and ending at the close of business on the day
of such mailing, or (ii) to register the transfer of or exchange any Note so
selected for redemption in whole or in part, except the unredeemed portion of
any Note being redeemed in part.

     SECTION 2.07.  Book-Entry Provisions for Global Notes.  (a)  The U.S.
Global Notes and Offshore Global Notes initially shall (i) be registered in the
name of the Depositary for such Global Notes or the nominee of such Depositary,
(ii) be delivered to the Trustee as custodian for such Depositary and (iii) bear
legends as set forth in Section 2.02.

     Members of, or participants in, the Depositary ("Agent Members") shall have
no rights under this Indenture with respect to any Global Note held on their
behalf by the Depositary, or the Trustee as its custodian, or under such Global
Note, and the Depositary may be treated by the Obligors, the Company, the
Trustee and any agent of the Obligors, the Company or the Trustee as the
absolute owner of such Global Note for all purposes whatsoever. Notwithstanding
the foregoing, nothing herein shall prevent the Obligors, the Company, the
Trustee or any agent of the Obligors, the Company or the Trustee, from giving
effect to any written certification, proxy or other authorization furnished by
the Depositary or impair, as between the Depositary and its Agent Members, the
operation of customary practices governing the exercise of the rights of a
holder of any Note.

     (b) Transfers of a Global Note shall be limited to transfers of such Global
Note in whole, but not in part, to the Depositary, its successors or their
respective nominees. Interests of beneficial owners in a Global Note may be
transferred in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Depositary and
the provisions of Section 2.08.  In addition, U.S. Physical Notes and Offshore
Physical Notes shall be transferred to all beneficial owners in exchange for
their beneficial interests in the U.S. Global Notes or the Offshore Global
Notes, as the case may be, (i) if the Depositary notifies the Obligors that it
is unwilling or unable to continue as Depositary for