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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document

     Such Obligor Order shall specify the amount of Notes to be authenticated
and the date on which the original issue of Notes is to be authenticated and, in
case of an issuance of Notes pursuant to Section 2.15, shall certify that such
issuance is in compliance with Article Four.

     The Trustee may appoint an authenticating agent to authenticate Notes.  An
authenticating agent may authenticate Notes whenever the Trustee may do so.
Each reference in this Indenture to authentication by the Trustee includes
authentication by such authenticating agent.  An authenticating agent has the
same rights as an Agent to deal with the Obligors or an Affiliate of the

     The Notes shall be issuable only in registered form without coupons and
only in denominations of $1,000 in principal amount at maturity and any integral
multiple thereof.

     SECTION 2.04.  Registrar and Paying Agent.  The Obligors shall maintain an
office or agency where Notes may be presented for registration of transfer or
for exchange (the "Registrar"), an office or agency where Notes may be presented
for payment (the "Paying Agent") and an office or agency where notices and
demands to or upon the Obligors in respect of the Notes and this Indenture may
be served, which shall be in the Borough of Manhattan, The City of New York. The
Obligors shall cause the Registrar to keep a register of the Notes and of their
transfer and exchange (the "Security Register").  The Security Register shall be
in written form or any other form capable of being converted into written form
within a reasonable time.  The Obligors may have one or more co-Registrars and
one or more additional Paying Agents.

     The Obligors shall enter into an appropriate agency agreement with any
Agent not a party to this Indenture.  The agreement shall implement the
provisions of this Indenture that relate to such Agent.  The Obligors shall give
prompt written notice to the Trustee of the name and address of any such Agent
and any change in the address of such Agent.  If the Obligors fails to maintain
a Registrar, Paying Agent and/or agent for service of notices and demands, the
Trustee shall act as such Registrar, Paying Agent and/or agent for service of
notices and demands.  The Obligors may remove any Agent upon written notice to
such Agent and the Trustee; provided that no such removal shall become effective
until (i) the acceptance of an appointment by a successor Agent to such Agent as
evidenced by an appropriate agency agreement entered into by the Obligors and
such successor Agent and delivered to the Trustee or (ii) notification to the
Trustee that the Trustee shall serve as such Agent until the appointment of a
successor Agent in accordance with clause (i) of this proviso.  The Obligors,
any Subsidiary of the Obligors, or any Affiliate of any of them may act as
Paying Agent, Registrar or co-Registrar, and/or agent for service of notice and

     The Obligors initially appoint the Trustee as Registrar, Paying Agent,
authenticating agent and agent for service of notice and demands.  The Trustee
shall preserve in as current a form as is reasonably practicable the most recent
list available to it of the names and addresses of Holders and shall otherwise
comply with TIA (S)312(a).  If, at any time, the Trustee is not the Registrar,
the Registrar shall make available to the Trustee as of each Regular Record Date
and at such other