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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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          "TIA" or "Trust Indenture Act" means the Trust Indenture Act of 1939,
as amended (15 U.S. Code (S)(S) 77aaa-77bbbb), as in effect on the date this
Indenture was executed, except as provided in Section 9.06.

          "Time Warner" means TWI Cable, Inc. and its cable-related affiliates.

          "Trade Payables" means, with respect to any Person, any accounts
payable or any other indebtedness or monetary obligation to trade creditors
created, assumed or Guaranteed by such Person or any of its Subsidiaries arising
in the ordinary course of business in connection with the acquisition of goods
or services.

          "Transaction Date" means, with respect to the Incurrence of any
Indebtedness by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries, the date such
Indebtedness is to be Incurred and, with respect to any Restricted Payment, the
date such Restricted Payment is to be made.

          "Transactions" means, collectively, (i) the acquisition by Renaissance
Media LLC of six cable television systems from Time Warner, (ii) the issuance to
Time Warner of a $9.5 million equity ownership interest in Holdings, (iii) the
equity contribution to Holdings of $95.1 million from the Morgan Stanley
Entities and $3.9 million from six former senior managers of Cablevision
Industries Corporation, which will be contributed to Renaissance Media LLC and
its subsidiaries as equity, (iv) the establishment of the Credit Agreement and
(v) the sale of the Notes originally issued hereunder.

          "Trustee" means the party named as such in the first paragraph of this
Indenture until a successor replaces it in accordance with the provisions of
Article Seven of this Indenture and thereafter means such successor.

          "United States Bankruptcy Code" means the Bankruptcy Reform Act of
1978, as amended and as codified in Title 11 of the United States Code, as
amended from time to time hereafter, or any successor federal bankruptcy law.

          "Unrestricted Subsidiary" means (i) any Subsidiary of the Company that
at the time of determination shall be designated an Unrestricted Subsidiary by
the Board of Directors of the Company in the manner provided below; and (ii) any
Subsidiary of an Unrestricted Subsidiary. The Board of Directors of the Company
may designate any Restricted Subsidiary (including any newly acquired or newly
formed Subsidiary of the Company), other than the Obligors, to be an
Unrestricted Subsidiary unless such Subsidiary owns any Capital Stock of, or
owns or holds any Lien on any property of, the Company or any Restricted
Subsidiary; provided that (A) any Guarantee by the Company or any Restricted
Subsidiary of any Indebtedness of the Subsidiary being so designated shall be
deemed an "Incurrence" of such Indebtedness and an "Investment" by the Company
or such Restricted Subsidiary (or both, if applicable) at the time of such
designation; (B) either (I) the Subsidiary to be so designated has total assets
of $1,000 or less or