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RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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          "Incur" means, with respect to any Indebtedness, to incur, create,
issue, assume, Guarantee or otherwise become liable for or with respect to, or
become responsible for, the payment of, contingently or otherwise, such
Indebtedness, including an "Incurrence" of Indebtedness by reason of a Person
becoming a Restricted Subsidiary; provided that neither the accrual of interest
nor the accretion of original issue discount shall be considered an Incurrence
of Indebtedness.

          "Indebtedness" means, with respect to any Person at any date of
determination (without duplication), (i) all indebtedness of such Person for
borrowed money, (ii) all obligations of such Person evidenced by bonds,
debentures, notes or other similar instruments, (iii) all obligations of such
Person in respect of letters of credit or other similar instruments (including
reimbursement obligations with respect thereto, but excluding obligations with
respect to letters of credit (including trade letters of credit) securing
obligations (other than obligations described in (i) or (ii) above or (v), (vi)
or (vii) below) entered into in the ordinary course of business of such Person
to the extent such letters of credit are not drawn upon or, if drawn upon, to
the extent such drawing is reimbursed no later than the third Business Day
following receipt by such Person of a demand for reimbursement), (iv) all
obligations of such Person to pay the deferred and unpaid purchase price of
property or services, which purchase price is due more than six months after the
date of placing such property in service or taking delivery and title thereto or
the completion of such services, except Trade Payables, (v) all Capitalized
Lease Obligations, (vi) all Indebtedness of other Persons secured by a Lien on
any asset of such Person, whether or not such Indebtedness is assumed by such
Person; provided that the amount of such Indebtedness shall be the lesser of (A)
the fair market value of such asset at such date of determination and (B) the
amount of such Indebtedness, (vii) all Indebtedness of other Persons Guaranteed
by such Person to the extent such Indebtedness is Guaranteed by such Person and
(viii) to the extent not otherwise included in this definition, obligations
under Currency Agreements and Interest Rate Agreements. The amount of
Indebtedness of any Person at any date shall be the outstanding balance at such
date of all unconditional obligations as described above and, with respect to
contingent obligations, the maximum liability upon the occurrence of the
contingency giving rise to the obligation, provided (A) that the amount
outstanding at any time of any Indebtedness issued with original issue discount
is the face amount of such Indebtedness less the remaining unamortized portion
of the original issue discount of such Indebtedness at such time as determined
in conformity with GAAP, (B) that money borrowed and set aside at the time of
the Incurrence of any Indebtedness in order to prefund the payment of the
interest on such Indebtedness shall not be deemed to be "Indebtedness" so long
as such money is held to secure the payment of such interest and (C) that
Indebtedness shall not include any liability for federal, state, local or other

          "Indenture" means this Indenture as originally executed or as it may
be amended or supplemented from time to time by one or more indentures
supplemental to this Indenture entered into pursuant to the applicable
provisions of this Indenture.