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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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          "Depositary" means The Depository Trust Company, its nominees, and
their respective successors.

          "Disqualified Stock" means any class or series of Capital Stock of any
Person that by its terms or otherwise is (i) required to be redeemed prior to
the Stated Maturity of the Notes, (ii) redeemable at the option of the holder of
such class or series of Capital Stock at any time prior to the Stated Maturity
of the Notes or (iii) convertible into or exchangeable for Capital Stock
referred to in clause (i) or (ii) above or Indebtedness having a scheduled
maturity prior to the Stated Maturity of the Notes; provided that any Capital
Stock that would not constitute Disqualified Stock but for provisions thereof
giving holders thereof the right to require such Person to repurchase or redeem
such Capital Stock upon the occurrence of an "asset sale" or "change of control"
occurring prior to the Stated Maturity of the Notes shall not constitute
Disqualified Stock if the "asset sale" or "change of control" provisions
applicable to such Capital Stock are no more favorable to the holders of such
Capital Stock than the provisions contained in Sections 4.11 and 4.12 and such
Capital Stock specifically provides that such Person will not repurchase or
redeem any such stock pursuant to such provision prior to the Obligors'
repurchase of such Notes as are required to be repurchased pursuant to Sections
4.11 and 4.12.

          "Event of Default" has the meaning provided in Section 6.01.

          "Excess Proceeds" has the meaning provided in Section 4.11.

          "Exchange Act" means the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

          "Exchange Notes" means any securities of the Obligors containing terms
identical to the Notes (except that such Exchange Notes shall be registered
under the Securities Act) that are issued and exchanged for the Notes pursuant
to the Registration Rights Agreement and this Indenture.

          "Existing Stockholders" means (i) the Morgan Stanley Entities and Time
Warner and their respective Affiliates and (ii) Holdings, so long as the Morgan
Stanley Entities and Time Warner, and their respective Affiliates, in the
aggregate, beneficially own a majority of the Voting Stock of Holdings.

          "fair market value" means the price that would be paid in an arm's-
length transaction between an informed and willing seller under no compulsion to
sell and an informed and willing buyer under no compulsion to buy, as determined
in good faith by the Board of Directors, whose determination shall be conclusive
if evidenced by a Board Resolution; provided that for purposes of clause (viii)
of the second paragraph of Section 4.03, (x) the fair market value of any
security registered under the Exchange Act shall be the average of the closing
prices, regular way, of such security for the 20 consecutive trading days
immediately preceding the sale of Capital Stock and (y) in the event the
aggregate fair market value of any other property (other than cash or cash