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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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  The Company's strategy is to increase its revenues and EBITDA by acquiring,
operating and developing cable television systems and capitalizing on the
expertise of management, as well as the Company's relationship with the
Management Investors and Time Warner. The key components of the Company's
strategy include the following:
  Pursue Strategic Acquisitions. Management believes that attractive
acquisition opportunities will be available as large cable television system
operators divest non-strategic assets and small operators sell their systems.
The Company intends to pursue system acquisitions in markets which are
contiguous to the Systems and in non-contiguous markets serving more than
30,000 subscribers where local or regional clusters can be formed. The Company
believes that by clustering systems it will be able to realize economies of
scale, such as reduced payroll, reduced billing and technical costs per
subscriber, reduced advertising sales costs, increased local advertising sales,
more efficient roll-out and utilization of new technologies and consolidation
of customer service functions. The Management Investors' experience in
operating cable television systems in urban, suburban and rural markets will
enable the Company to pursue a wide range of potential acquisition
  Operate Technologically Advanced Systems. The Company will seek to operate
cable television systems with bandwidths of 550 MHz to 750 MHz (78 to 110
analog channels) that include the use of hybrid fiber-coaxial cable plant, bi-
directional transmission capability, small-cluster nodes, advanced subscriber
set-top devices and digital compression technology. The Company will continue
to upgrade the Systems and will selectively upgrade systems acquired in the
future depending on market conditions. Many of the upgraded systems will likely
incorporate digital compression technology which would increase the number of
programming channels that may be transmitted over a given amount of bandwidth,
in many cases resulting in up to 10 digital channels transmitted in the space
required for a single analog channel. The Company expects that such technology
also will permit it to offer new services such as high speed Internet access
and data transmission and additional programming tiers, as well as new
interactive features being integrated into advanced analog and digital set-top
consumer equipment.
  Capitalize on Relationships with Management Investors and Time Warner. The
Company will benefit from the depth and breadth of the experience of the
Management Investors in acquiring, operating and developing cable television
systems, including the Systems, as well as the expertise of its regional
marketing, sales and technical personnel. The Company believes that it will
benefit from its relationship with Time Warner through access to certain of
Time Warner's programming arrangements and technical and engineering expertise
and through coordination of its equipment purchasing with Time Warner.
  Focus on Operations and Service. Management believes that its focus on system
operations and customer service will increase subscriber penetration, revenues
and cash flow margins. The Company will implement its comprehensive training
and certification program which provides specific technical training to further
improve operations performance and customer service. In addition, the Company
will actively monitor the performance of its systems and the quality of its
customer service, using criteria such as picture quality, service call response
times, average outage durations, telephone answer rates and installation
response times. The Company will also use market research tools to gauge its
performance and customer satisfaction and to tailor its local service offerings
to the particular community.
  Develop Ancillary Businesses. The Company intends to pursue new business
opportunities that complement its core video delivery systems. The Company
intends to expand its advertising sales operations in each of its cable
television systems and create local production businesses in markets that can
support that activity. Management will also concentrate on the marketing of
special events and pay-per-view movies. In the future, the Company plans to
offer digital services such as near video on demand as an alternative to video
rentals. In addition, the Company plans to offer high speed Internet access and
data transmission via certain of its cable networks.