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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
  If the Letter of Transmittal is signed by a person other than the registered
holder of any Old Notes listed therein, such Old Notes must be endorsed or
accompanied by a properly completed bond power, signed by such registered
holder as such registered holder's name appears on such Old Notes with the
signature thereon guaranteed by an Eligible Institution.
  If the Letter of Transmittal or any Old Notes or bond powers are signed by
trustees, executors, administrators, guardians, attorneys-in-fact, offices of
corporations or others acting in a fiduciary or representative capacity, such
persons should so indicate when signing, and evidence satisfactory to the
Obligors of their authority to so act must be submitted with the Letter of
  All questions as to the validity, form, eligibility (including time of
receipt), acceptance of tendered Old Notes and withdrawal of tendered Old
Notes will be determined by the Obligors in their sole discretion, which
determination will be final and binding. The Obligors reserve the absolute
right to reject any and all Old Notes not properly tendered or any Old Notes
the Obligors' acceptance of which would, in the opinion of counsel for the
Obligors, be unlawful. The Obligors also reserve the right in their sole
discretion to waive any defects, irregularities or conditions of tender as to
particular Old Notes. The Obligors' interpretation of the terms and conditions
of the Exchange Offer (including the instructions in the Letter of
Transmittal) will be final and binding on all parties. Unless waived, any
defects or irregularities in connection with tenders of Old Notes must be
cured within such time as the Obligors shall determine. Although the Obligors
intend to notify holders of defects or irregularities with respect to tenders
of Old Notes, neither the Obligors, the Exchange Agent nor any other person
shall incur any liability for failure to give such notification. Tenders of
Old Notes will not be deemed to have been made until such defects or
irregularities have been cured or waived. Any Old Notes received by the
Exchange Agent that are not properly tendered and as to which the defects or
irregularities have not been cured or waived will be returned by the Exchange
Agent to the tendering holders, unless otherwise provided in the Letter of
Transmittal, as soon as practicable following the Expiration Date.
  For each Old Note accepted for exchange, the holder of such Old Note will
receive a New Note having a Principal Amount at Maturity equal to that of the
surrendered Old Note. For purposes of the Exchange Offer, the Obligors shall
be deemed to have accepted properly tendered Old Notes for exchange when, as
and if the Obligors have given oral or written notice thereof to the Exchange
  In all cases, the issuance of New Notes for Old Notes that are accepted for
exchange pursuant to the Exchange Offer will be made only after timely receipt
by the Exchange Agent of certificates for such Old Notes or a timely Book-
Entry Confirmation of such Old Notes into the Exchange Agent's account at the
Book-Entry Transfer Facility, a properly completed and duly executed Letter of
Transmittal or Agent's Message and all other required documents. If any
tendered Old Notes are not accepted for any reason set forth in the terms and
conditions of the Exchange Offer, such unaccepted or non-exchanged Old Notes
will be returned without expense to the tendering holder thereof (or, in the
case of Old Notes tendered by book-entry transfer into the Exchange Agent's
account at the Book-Entry Transfer Facility pursuant to the book-entry
transfer procedures described below, such non-exchanged Old Notes will be
credited to an account maintained with such Book-Entry Transfer Facility) as
promptly as practicable after the Expiration Date.
  The Exchange Agent will establish a new account or utilize an existing
account with respect to the Old Notes at DTC promptly after the date of this
Prospectus, and any financial institution that is a participant in DTC and
whose name appears on a security position listing as the owner of Old Notes
may make a book-entry tender of Old Notes by causing DTC to transfer such Old
Notes into the Exchange Agent's account in accordance with DTC's procedures
for such transfer. However, although tender of Old Notes may be effected
through book-entry transfer into the Exchange Agent's account at DTC, the
Letter of Transmittal (or a manually signed facsimile thereof), properly
completed and validly executed, with any required signature guarantees, or an