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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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participate in civic, charitable and other outside activities permitted with the
consent of the Board, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.

     (c)  The Company acknowledges that, subject to the restrictions set forth
in the Exclusivity Agreement, prior to the date of termination of employment
with the Company, Executive may seek to manage or invest in cable television
systems not owned by the Company. Executive may engage in such other
transactions, subject always to a minimum commitment to the Company consistent
with reasonable commercial efforts to perform the duties hereunder.

     4.   Base Salary.  During the term of Executive's employment hereunder, the
Company shall pay Executive an annual base salary (the "Base Salary") at the
initial annual rate of $225,000, payable in regular installments in accordance
with the Company's usual payment practices but no less frequently than monthly
during the Employment Term.  Executive's Base Salary shall be reviewed at least
annually for increase in the reasonable discretion of the Board.

     5.   Bonus.  Executive shall participate in the Renaissance Media LLC
Annual Executive Bonus Plan attached as Exhibit A hereto (as such plan may be
amended from time to time after the date hereof), and pursuant to such plan,
will be eligible to receive a bonus on an annual basis (the "Bonus") for
services rendered during each fiscal year within the Employment Term.

     6.   Employee Benefits.  Executive shall participate in all employee
benefits plans of the Company on the same basis as those benefits are generally
made available from time to time to senior executives of the Company on a basis
commensurate with Executive's position.

     7.   Business Expenses and Perquisites.  Travel and other business expenses
reasonably incurred by Executive in the performance of his or her duties
hereunder shall be reimbursed by the Company in accordance with Company

     8.   Termination.

     (a)  For Cause by the Company. Executive's employment hereunder may be
terminated by the Company for Cause in accordance with the provisions of this
Section 8(a). If Executive is terminated for Cause, (i) Executive shall be
entitled to receive (A) Base Salary through the date of termination of
Executive's employment ("Date of Termination") and (B) any prior year Bonus
earned but not paid, and (ii) the Company and its affiliates will have no
further obligations with respect to Executive hereunder, it being understood,
however, that nothing contained in this Agreement shall in any manner affect the
obligations of