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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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                            EXHIBIT C-3 (Page 2 of 3)

     is to ensure that control of the system is not jeopardized and to work with
     Customer to gather information in order to resolve the issue. The Product
     Support Center allocates resources during normal business hours until a
     permanent solution is found.

 .    OPERATIONAL (PRIORITY 3): Partial loss of functionality loss of
     non-critical functionality, or loss of critical functionality for which a
     work around exists. The problem is within the customers' operations
     environment. The user is attempting to utilize a CSG product and is having
     difficulty completing the process. A user may be a CSR, subscriber, or the
     Customer's operation staff running the system. CSG's Product Support Center
     goal is to respond the next business day.

 .    INCONVENIENCE OR ENHANCEMENT (PRIORITY 4): Inconvenience or loss of
     functionality for which a work-around solution exists, or enhancement
     request is required. The problem is an operator inconvenience, an
     enhancement, or the Customer have requested information. There is no
     serious impact to the end user of the system. The problem can be avoided by
     proper operator action, internal training by the customer, or a work-around
     solution. There is no apparent danger of losing control of the system,
     network, application or data because of this type of problem. A suggestion
     or request for enhancement is based upon the problem, concern or business
     need. The Product Support Center's goal is to provide a correction through
     internal software control procedures. CSG's Product Support Center goal is
     to respond within (3) business days.

 .    INFORMATIONAL (PRIORITY 5): This category also includes questions. The
     Product Support Center is committed to responding with the requested
     information within (5) business days. Software correction notification may
     be sent to the customer shortly after the correction has been made by our
     development engineers. At times, a work-around may be suggested if: 

         . Its delivery is more timely 
         . Its implementation is less complex 
         . Its reliability is more certain

     However, a work around must be mutually acceptable to our Customers, and it
     must have the effect of reducing the concern until a permanent resolution
     can be determined. Should the Customer wish to check the status of a
     problem they may contact the Product Support Center desk representatives or
     their Account Manager. In either case, the customer should reference the
     tracking number.

Customer may request to have the priority of Customer's call upgraded. Customer
may check on the status of such request at any time by calling the Product
Support Center or contacting Customer's account manager. The account manager is
responsible for problem escalation to the appropriate level of management if
Customer is not satisfied with a response.

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                          CSG VANTAGE Support Services

Vantage Installation Services:
- -----------------------------
The following services will be provided by CSG with respect to start-up of the
Vantage product. 

1. Initial load of the Vantage data base.
2. Unlimited phone support for installation of hardware and software that is
   certified by CSG Systems, Inc.
3. For non-certified environments, CSG Systems, Inc. will provide the
   necessary phone support to determine if the non-certified environment can
   or should be certified
4. If the environment is deemed certifiable, the costs associated with
   certifying the environment will be communicated to the customer.
5. On-site assistance by CSG can be provided upon customer request.

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