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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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                                   SCHEDULE C

                         CCS PRODUCTS SOFTWARE LICENSE
                                  CSG Vantage

1. License. CSG hereby grants Customer, and Customer hereby accepts from CSG, a
non-exclusive and non-transferable1e right to use the software products known as
CSG Vantage for use with the CCS Services described in Section 2 below (the "CCS
Products") at the System Sites in the United States in the designated
environment described in Section 3 below (the "Designated Environment"), for the
fees set forth in Schedule F and subject to the terms and conditions specified
below and in the Master Agreement.

2. CCS Products. "CCS Products" as described in the Product Schedule attached
hereto as Exhibit C-1 includes (i) the machine-readable object code version of
CSG Vantage software (collectively, the "Software"), whether embedded on disc,
tape or other media; (ii) the published user manuals and documentation that CSG
may make generally available for the Software ("the "Documentation"), (iii) the
fixes, updates, upgrades or new versions of the Software or Documentation that
CSG may provide to Customer under this Schedule C (the "Enhancements") and (iv)
any copy of the Software, Documentation or Enhancements. Nothing in this
Schedule C will entitle Customer to receive the source code of the Software,
- ----------
Enhancements or Customizations, in whole or in part.

3. Designated Environment. "Designated Environment" means the combination of the
other computer programs and hardware equipment CSG specified for use with the
CCS Products as set forth in Exhibit C-2, or otherwise approved by CSG in
writing for Customer's use with the CCS Products at the system sites set forth
on Exhibit C-1 (the "System Sites"). Customer may use the CCS Products only in
the Designated Environment and will be solely responsible for upgrading the
Designated Environment to the specifications that CSG may provide from time to
time. If Customer fails to do so or otherwise uses the CCS Products outside the
certified Designated Environment, CSG will have no obligation to continue
maintaining and supporting the CCS Products. CSG shall certify the Designated
Environment prior to the commencement of CSG's obligations under this Schedule
C, including its obligations to maintain and support the CCS Products. Any other
- -
use or transfer of the CCS Products will require CSG's prior approval, which may
be subject to additional charges.

4. Use. Customer may use the CCS Products only in object code form on the
workstations set forth on Exhibit C-1 and in the Designated Environment and at
the System Sites in the United States, and only for the term set forth below,
and only for Customer's own internal purposes and business operations with the
CCS Services for providing accounting and billing services to its video
subscribers. In addition to the Incorporated Third Party Software, if third
party products are provided to Customer as part of the CCS Products, by opening
the package containing the third party product or downloading it, Customer
agrees to be bound by the terms of the third party's standard license. Customer
will not use the CCS Products to provide any such service to or on behalf of any
third parties in a service bureau capacity and will not permit any other person
to use the CCS Products, whether on a time-sharing, remote job entry or other
multiple user arrangement. Customer will not install the Software, Enhancements
or Customization on a network or other multi-user computer system unless
otherwise specified in the Exhibits to this Schedule, in which case the
Designated Environment may be used to provide database or file services to other
of Customer's computers across the network, up to the number of workstations
specified in Exhibit C-1. Backup and recovery plans or backup and recovery
software is not included with the CCS Products. Any Customer documents, data and
files are and shall remain Customer's property; and therefore, Customer is
solely responsible for its own backup and recovery plan(s) for its data stored
within the Designated Environment or utilized within the CCS Products licensed
hereunder. Customer may make only one back-up archival copy of the Software,
Enhancements or Customization. Customer will reproduce all confidentiality and
proprietary notices on each of these copies and maintain an accurate record of
the location of each of these copies. Customer will not otherwise copy,
translate, modify, adapt, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the CCS
Products, except as and to the extent expressly authorized by applicable law.
Customer shall not publish any results of benchmark tests run on the CCS

                          THEIR RESPECTIVE COMPANIES