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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
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                                                                   Exhibit 10.4


April 3, 1998

Mr. Mark Halpin
Executive Vice President and CFO
Renaissance Media
Cablevision Center
Suite 100
Ferndale, NY 12734

Dear Mark:

       I am enclosing a copy of the executed agreement between our companies. 
There is an issue with the contracts you sent. One had a change for adding your 
corporate office telecommunications line at no charge; the other didn't. The one
which is executed is the one which did not have the change.

       As you will recall, we agreed to add all system sites' primary locations
to receive the telecom line at no charge - including Jackson, TN (which
currently pays for their line): this did not include your corporate office. In
fact, Todd Fielding of CSG provided Darlene Fedun with pricing for a separate
phone line and installation charges. It was then decided for you to use the TW
Liberty division communications line - with Renaissance paying only a minimal
amount to separate the ports off the existing controller and for you to work out
a deal with Liberty division regarding the phone line. I'm not even privy to the
deal you worked out with them!

       I've also enclosed a clean copy of the contract for you to sign again 
and send back to me, should you want a
 fully executed original copy.

       Mark, this is a good deal for both our companies and I appreciate working
with you and the people in Liberty again. Should you have any questions, please 
call me.


David Wyllie
National Sales Manager