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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4 on 06/12/1998
Entire Document
          (a) Other remedies for non-payment notwithstanding, if any amounts
payable by Renaissance to TWC pursuant to this Agreement are not received on or
before the tenth day after such amount was due, then a late payment charge equal
to 1.5% per month of such past due amount, cumulative (or if such amount exceeds
the maximum permitted under any applicable law, such maximum amount), shall
become due and payable in addition to such amounts owed under this Agreement
until all amounts due are paid in full.

          (b) In addition, if any amounts payable by or reports due from
Renaissance to TWC pursuant to this Agreement are more than 14 days past due
then, upon not less than ten days prior written notice to Renaissance, TWC in
its sole discretion may suspend or terminate this Agreement unless such amount
(including all applicable interest) is paid in full or such report is provided
within such ten day period.

5.   Confidentiality.

     5.1  Renaissance acknowledges that contracts and other arrangements between
TWC and Program Service providers limit TWC's disclosure to third parties of the
rates, terms and conditions applicable to the corresponding Program Services.
Except as otherwise provided in a written Confidentiality Agreement entered into
by Renaissance and TWC, TWC shall have no obligation to disclose any such
information to Renaissance.  Any information disclosed by TWC pursuant to such a
separate written Confidentiality Agreement shall be governed by such separate
agreement and not this Agreement.

     5.2  Renaissance shall keep confidential the terms of this Agreement and 
any and all information relating to any Programming Amount or any Qualified
Single Program Amount; provided, however, that Renaissance may disclose:
                       --------  -------                                
          (a) the terms of this Agreement and an annualized aggregate
Programming Amount (the "Affiliate Disclosable Terms"), but not any information
relating to any monthly Programming Amounts or Qualified Single Program Amounts,
to its or Renaissance Holdings' Affiliates, directors, board members, officers,
employees, agents, representatives, consultants, advisors, current lenders
providing long term financing (excluding capitalized leasing), or current
investors (excluding investors whose interest develops out of a public offering
or whose interest is less than $400,000) who reasonably need to know such
information for a legitimate business purpose; and

          (b) information relating to monthly Programming Amounts (the "Auditor
Disclosable Terms") but not any Qualified Single Program Amounts, to its
independent auditors if expressly so requested by such auditors; and

further, provided that the Affiliate Disclosable Terms and the Auditor 
- -------  --------                                                     
Disclosable Terms are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Disclosable
Terms," and in each