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INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form 424B3 on 10/25/2017
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agent which will become party to the Intercreditor Agreement as their authorized representative (together with the Collateral Agent and the Administrative Agent, each, an “Authorized Representative”). The Intercreditor Agreement provides for the priorities and other relative rights among the Holders of the Notes, the holders of the obligations under the Credit Agreement and the Existing TWC Notes and the holders of any other First Lien Obligations, including, among other things, that:


  (1) notwithstanding the date, time, method, manner or order of grant, attachment or perfection of any Lien on the Collateral securing the Notes, the obligations under the Credit Agreement and the Existing TWC Notes and any other First Lien Obligations, the Liens securing all such Indebtedness shall be of equal priority as among the parties to the Intercreditor Agreement subject to the provisions described below with respect to Impairments;


  (2) if an event of default has occurred and is continuing under any First Lien Obligations, and any Authorized Representative for, or holder of, First Lien Obligations is taking action to enforce rights or exercise remedies in respect of any Collateral, or receives any payment with respect to the Collateral under any other intercreditor agreement, or any distribution is made with respect to any Collateral in any insolvency or liquidation proceeding of the Issuers or any Note Guarantor, then the proceeds of any sale, collection or other liquidation of any such Collateral by the Collateral Agent, such Authorized Representative or any holders of such First Lien Obligations, as the case may be, will be applied, subject to the provisions below with respect to Impairments:


    first, to the payment of all amounts owing to each Authorized Representative (as hereinafter defined) (in each case, in its capacity as such) pursuant to the terms of any documents governing First Lien Obligations;


    second, on a ratable basis, to amounts owing to (1) the holders of the obligations under the Credit Agreement and the Existing TWC Notes, (2) the Holders of the Notes and the Trustee (for allocation in accordance with the terms of the Indenture) and (3) the holders of any other First Lien Obligations; and


    third, after payment in full of all First Lien Obligations, allocated to the Issuers and the Note Guarantors or as a court of competent jurisdiction may direct; and


  (3) the obligations in respect of the Notes, the Credit Agreement and any other First Lien Obligations may be increased, extended, renewed, replaced, restated, supplemented, restructured, refunded, refinanced or otherwise amended from time to time, in each case, to the extent permitted by the Indenture, the Credit Agreement and the documents governing such other First Lien Obligations, without affecting the Lien priority or relative rights of the holders of First Lien Obligations.

The Intercreditor Agreement also provides that only the Applicable Authorized Representative (as defined below) has the right to exercise, or refrain from exercising, any right or remedies and take any other actions with respect to the Collateral. The “Applicable Authorized Representative” shall be the Administrative Agent until the earlier of the date no obligations under the Credit Agreement are secured by the Collateral and the Non-Controlling Authorized Representative Enforcement Date and, thereafter, the Authorized Representative of the series of First Lien Obligations (other than any Existing TWC Notes) representing the largest principal amount outstanding of any then outstanding series of First Lien Obligations (such Authorized Representative, the “Major Non-Controlling Authorized Representative”). For purposes of the forgoing, the Notes will be deemed to be a single “series” of First Lien Obligations.

The “Non-Controlling Authorized Representative Enforcement Date” means, with respect to any representative of First Lien Obligations that is not the Applicable Authorized Representative (each, a “Non-Controlling Authorized Representative”) in respect of any Collateral, the date that is 90 days (throughout which 90-day period such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative was the Major Non-Controlling Authorized Representative) after the occurrence of both (a) an event of default with respect to the First Lien Obligations for which such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative is the Authorized Representative and (b) the Collateral