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INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form 424B3 on 10/25/2017
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expiration date. Holders desiring to tender original notes pursuant to ATOP must allow sufficient time for completion of the ATOP procedures during normal business hours of DTC. Except as otherwise provided in this prospectus, delivery of original notes will be deemed made only when the agent’s message is actually received by the exchange agent prior to the expiration date.

The term “agent’s message” means a message, transmitted by a book-entry transfer facility to, and received by, the exchange agent, forming a part of a confirmation of a book-entry transfer, which states that such book-entry transfer facility has received an express acknowledgment from the participant in such book-entry transfer facility tendering the original notes that such participant has received and agrees to be bound by the terms of the letter of instruction and that we may enforce such agreement against such participant.

The tender by a holder of original notes will constitute an agreement between such holder and us in accordance with the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this prospectus and in the letter of instruction.

Delivery of all documents must be made to the exchange agent at its address set forth below. Holders may also request their respective brokers, dealers, commercial banks, trust companies or nominees to effect such tender for such holders.

The method of delivery of original notes and all other required documents to the exchange agent is at the election and risk of the holders. In all cases, sufficient time should be allowed to assure timely delivery to the exchange agent before 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the expiration date. No original notes or other documents should be sent to us.

There will be no fixed record date for determining registered holders of original notes entitled to participate in the exchange offer.

Any beneficial holder whose original notes are registered in the name of its broker, dealer, commercial bank, trust company or other nominee and who wishes to tender should contact such registered holder promptly and instruct such registered holder to tender on its behalf and comply with the ATOP procedures for book-entry transfer described below on or prior to the expiration date.

All questions as to the validity, form, eligibility, including time of receipt, and withdrawal of the tendered original notes will be determined by us in our sole discretion, which determination will be final and binding. We reserve the absolute right to reject any and all original notes not properly tendered or any original notes our acceptance of which, in the opinion of counsel for us, would be unlawful. We also reserve the right to waive any irregularities or conditions of tender as to particular original notes. Our interpretation of the terms and conditions of the exchange offer, including the instructions in the letter of instruction, will be final and binding on all parties. Unless waived, any defects or irregularities in connection with tenders of original notes must be cured within such time as we shall determine. None of us, the exchange agent or any other person shall be under any duty to give notification of defects or irregularities with respect to tenders of original notes, nor shall any of them incur any liability for failure to give such notification. Tenders of original notes will not be deemed to have been made until such irregularities have been cured or waived. Any original notes received by the exchange agent that are not properly tendered and as to which the defects or irregularities have not been cured or waived will be returned without cost to such holder by the exchange agent to the tendering holders of original notes, unless otherwise provided in the letter of instruction, as soon as practicable following the expiration date.

In addition, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to:


(a) purchase or make offers for any original notes that remain outstanding subsequent to the expiration date or, as set forth under “— Conditions,” to terminate the exchange offer in accordance with the terms of the registration rights agreements; and