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INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form 424B3 on 10/25/2017
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It may be difficult to realize the value of the FCC license rights pledged to secure the notes.

The Issuers’ and the Subsidiary Guarantors’ cable and telecommunication license rights constitute part of the collateral that secures the notes and the related Note Guarantees. The ability of the Collateral Agent to foreclose on such collateral on behalf of the holders of the notes may be subject to prior approval by the Federal Communications Commission (the “FCC”) and other governmental authorities. In particular, the Collateral Agent will not be legally permitted to exercise any rights with respect to the FCC license rights upon the occurrence of an event of default if such action would constitute or result in any assignment of any FCC license or any other form of change of control (whether as a matter of law or fact) of the entity holding any FCC license lease unless any necessary prior approval of the FCC is obtained. There can be no assurance that any such required approval can be obtained on a timely basis or at all. This requirement may limit the number of potential bidders for the FCC license rights in any foreclosure and may delay sale, either of which events may have a material adverse effect on the sale price of the FCC license rights. Therefore, the practical value of realizing on the FCC license rights may, without the appropriate consents, prior approval of the FCC and related filings, be limited.

The collateral is subject to casualty risks.

Although we maintain insurance policies to insure against losses, there are certain losses that may be either uninsurable or not economically insurable, in whole or in part. As a result, it is possible that the insurance proceeds will not compensate us fully for our losses in the event of a catastrophic loss. If there is a total or partial loss of any of the pledged collateral, we cannot assure you that any insurance proceeds received by us will be sufficient to satisfy all the secured obligations, including the notes.

We will in most cases have control over the collateral, and the sale of particular assets by us could reduce the pool of assets securing the notes and the Note Guarantees.

The security documents allow us to remain in possession of, retain exclusive control over, freely operate, and collect, invest and dispose of any income from, the collateral securing the notes and the Note Guarantees. For example, so long as no default or event of default under the indenture governing the notes would result therefrom, we may, among other things, without any release or consent by the Trustee or the Collateral Agent, conduct ordinary course activities with respect to collateral, such as selling, factoring, abandoning or otherwise disposing of collateral and making ordinary course cash payments (including repayments of indebtedness).

There are circumstances other than repayment or discharge of the notes under which the collateral securing the notes will be released automatically, without your consent or the consent of the Trustee or the Collateral Agent. Under various circumstances, collateral securing the notes will be released automatically, including:


    a sale, transfer or other disposal of such collateral in a transaction not prohibited under the indenture;


    with respect to collateral held by a Guarantor, upon the release of such Guarantor from its Note Guarantee;


    with respect to collateral that is capital stock, upon the dissolution of the issuer of such capital stock in accordance with the indenture;


    with respect to the collateral upon any release in connection with a foreclosure or exercise of remedies with respect to that collateral directed by the lenders under the Credit Agreement or holders of other first lien obligations during any period that such representatives control actions with respect to the collateral pursuant to the Intercreditor Agreement; and


    in whole, upon a Collateral Release Event (as defined in the “Description of Notes”). See “Description of Notes—Collateral—Release.”