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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
Entire Document

(1) to cure any ambiguity, omission, mistake, defect or inconsistency;

(2) to provide for the assumption by a successor Person of the obligations of the Issuers or any Note Guarantor under the Indenture or the Security Documents;

(3) to provide for uncertificated Notes in addition to or in place of certificated Notes (provided that the uncertificated Notes are issued in registered form for purposes of Section 163(f) of the Code, or in a manner such that the uncertificated Notes are described in Section 163(f)(2)(B) of the Code);

(4) to add Guarantees with respect to the Notes or to add additional Collateral to secure the Notes and the Note Guarantees;

(5) to add to the covenants of the Issuers or any Note Guarantor for the benefit of the Holders of the Notes or to surrender any right or power conferred upon the Issuers or any Note Guarantor;

(6) to make any change that would provide any additional rights or benefits to Holders of any series or that does not adversely affect the legal rights under this Indenture of any such Holder;

(7) to conform the text of the Indenture, the Notes, any Note Guarantee, the Intercreditor Agreement or any Security Document to the description and terms of such Notes in the offering circular, offering memorandum, prospectus supplement or other offering document applicable to such Notes as the time of the initial sale thereof;

(8) to make any amendment to the provisions of the Indenture relating to the transfer and legending of Notes; provided, however, that (a) compliance with the Indenture as so amended would not result in Notes being transferred in violation of the Securities Act or any other applicable securities law and (b) such amendment does not materially and adversely affect the rights of Holders to transfer Notes;

(9) to release Collateral from the Lien under the Security Document when permitted or required by the Security Documents, the Indenture or the Intercreditor Agreement;

(10) to evidence and provide for the acceptance and appointment under the Indenture of a successor Trustee or Collateral Agent thereunder pursuant to the requirements thereof;

(11) to issue Exchange Notes and related Note Guarantees as provided for in the Registration Rights Agreement relating to the Notes;

(12) to release a Note Guarantor pursuant to the terms of Article 10; or

(13) to change or eliminate any of the provisions of this Indenture; provided that any such change or elimination shall not be effective with respect to any outstanding Notes of any series created prior to the execution of such supplemental indenture that is entitled to the benefit of such provision.