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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 08/14/2017
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receipt, transferable by each such holder without restriction under the Securities Act and the Exchange Act and without material restrictions under the blue sky or securities laws of a substantial majority of the States of the United States of America. The Exchange Offer shall be deemed to have been completed upon the earlier to occur of (i) the Issuers having exchanged the Exchange Notes for all outstanding Registrable Securities pursuant to the Exchange Offer and (ii) the Issuers having exchanged, pursuant to the Exchange Offer, Exchange Notes for all Registrable Securities that have been properly tendered and not withdrawn before the expiration of the Exchange Offer. The Issuers agree (x) to include in the Exchange Offer Registration Statement a prospectus for use in any resales by any holder of Exchange Notes that is a broker-dealer and identifies itself as such by written notice to the Issuers prior to the effectiveness of the Exchange Offer Registration Statement and (y) to keep such Exchange Offer Registration Statement effective for a period (the “Resale Period”) beginning when Exchange Notes are first issued in the Exchange Offer and ending upon the earlier of the expiration of the 180th day after the Exchange Offer has been completed or such time as such broker-dealers no longer own any Registrable Securities. With respect to such Exchange Offer Registration Statement, such holders shall have the benefit of the rights of indemnification and contribution set forth in Sections 6(a), (c), (d) and (e) hereof.

(b) If (i) on or prior to the time the Exchange Offer is completed existing law or Commission policy or interpretations are changed such that the Exchange Notes received by holders, other than Restricted Holders, in the Exchange Offer in exchange for Registrable Securities are not or would not be, upon receipt, transferable by each such holder without restriction under the Securities Act, (ii) the Exchange Offer has not been completed by the Exchange Date, (iii) any Purchaser so requests with respect to Registrable Securities that are not eligible to be exchanged for Exchange Notes in the Exchange Offer and that are held by it following the consummation of the Exchange Offer, or (iv) the Exchange Offer is not available to any holder (other than a Purchaser) which notifies the Issuers in writing, then, in each case, the Issuers shall, in lieu of (or, in the case of clause (iii) or (iv), in addition to) conducting the Exchange Offer contemplated by Section 2(a), file a “shelf” registration statement in accordance with the remainder of this Section 2(b) below, under the Securities Act with respect to the Notes that could not be exchanged for any reason set forth in clauses (i) through (iv) above. The Issuers shall, on or prior to 30 business days after the time such obligation to file arises, file a “shelf” registration statement providing for the registration of, and the sale on a continuous or delayed basis by the holders of, all the Registrable Securities, pursuant to Rule 415 or any similar rule that may be adopted by the Commission (such filing, the “Shelf Registration” and such registration statement, the “Shelf Registration Statement”). The Issuers agree to use their reasonable best efforts (x) to cause the Shelf Registration Statement to become or be declared effective by the Commission on or prior to the later of 450 days (or if such 450th day is not a business day, the next succeeding business day) following the Closing Date and the 90th day (or if such 90th day is not a business day, the next succeeding business day) after the date such filing obligations arises (the “Shelf Filing Deadline”) and to keep such Shelf Registration Statement continuously effective for a period ending on the earlier of (i) the second anniversary of the Effective Time or (ii) such time as there are no longer any Registrable Securities outstanding; provided, however, that no holder (other than a Purchaser) shall be entitled to be named as a selling securityholder in the Shelf Registration Statement or to use the prospectus forming a part thereof for resales of Registrable Securities unless such holder is an Electing Holder, and (y) after the Effective Time of the Shelf Registration Statement, promptly upon the request of any holder of Registrable Securities that is not then an Electing Holder, to take any action reasonably necessary to enable such holder