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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 08/14/2017
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giving pro forma effect thereto as if such Restricted Payment had been made at the beginning of the applicable quarter period, have been permitted to incur at least $1.00 of additional Indebtedness pursuant to the Leverage Ratio test set forth in the first paragraph of Section 4.10 to defease, redeem, repurchase, prepay, repay, discharge or otherwise acquire or retire, in each case, Indebtedness of such Parent (x) which is not held by another Parent and (y) to the extent that the net cash proceeds of such Indebtedness are or were used for the (1) payment of interest or principal (or premium) on any Indebtedness of a Parent (including (A) by way of a tender, redemption or prepayment of such Indebtedness and (B) amounts set aside to prefund any such payment), (2) direct or indirect (including by way of a contribution of property and/or assets purchased with such net cash proceeds) Investment in the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries or (3) payment of amounts that would be permitted to be paid by way of a Restricted Payment under clause (10) immediately below (including the expenses of any exchange transaction);

(10) Restricted Payments directly or indirectly to any Parent of (A) attorneys’ fees, investment banking fees, accountants’ fees, underwriting discounts and commissions and other customary fees and expenses (including any commitment and other fees payable in connection with Credit Facilities) actually incurred in connection with any issuance, sale or incurrence by such Parent of Equity Interests or Indebtedness, or any exchange of securities or tender for outstanding debt securities, or (B) the costs and expenses of any offer to exchange privately placed securities in respect of the foregoing for publicly registered securities or any similar concept having a comparable purpose;

(11) the redemption, repurchase, retirement or other acquisition of any Equity Interests of the Company or Indebtedness of the Issuers or any Equity Interests of any direct or indirect parent of the Company, in exchange for, or out of the proceeds of the substantially concurrent sale (other than to an Issuer or a Restricted Subsidiary) of, Equity Interests of the Company or any direct or indirect parent of the Company (in each case, other than any Disqualified Stock);

(12) the declaration and payment of dividends to holders of any class or series of Disqualified Stock of the Issuers or any Restricted Subsidiary issued in accordance with Section 4.10;

(13) so long as no Default has occurred and is continuing, other Restricted Payments in an aggregate amount outstanding taken together with all other Restricted Payments made pursuant to this clause (13) not to exceed $100.0 million outstanding at any one time;

(14) Restricted Payments to pay all or a portion of the consideration payable for any Investment that would have been permitted to be made by the Issuers under this Indenture including, without limitation, the true up payments pursuant to the Bright House Acquisition Agreement; provided that the assets or Equity Interests acquired in such Investment (to the extent of amounts distributed by the Issuers to make such Investment) are promptly contributed to the capital of the Company;