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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 08/14/2017
Entire Document

Management Fees” means the fees payable to Charter or any other Parent pursuant to the management and mutual services agreements between any Parent of the Company and/or CCO and between any Parent of the Company and other Restricted Subsidiaries of the Company and pursuant to the limited liability company agreements of certain Restricted Subsidiaries as such management, mutual services or limited liability company agreements exist on the Issue Date (or, if later, on the date any new Restricted Subsidiary is acquired or created), including any amendment or replacement thereof, provided that any such new agreements or amendments or replacements of existing agreements is not more disadvantageous to Holders in any material respect than such management agreements existing on the Issue Date; and further provided that such new, amended or replacement management agreements do not provide for percentage fees, taken together with fees under existing agreements, any higher than 3.5% of Charter’s consolidated total revenues for the applicable payment period.

Moody’s” means Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. or any successor to the rating agency business thereof.

Net Proceeds” means the aggregate cash proceeds received by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries in respect of any Asset Sale (including, without limitation, any cash received upon the sale or other disposition of any non-cash consideration received in any Asset Sale), net of the direct costs relating to such Asset Sale, including, without limitation, legal, accounting and investment banking fees, and sales commissions, and any relocation expenses incurred as a result thereof or taxes paid or payable as a result thereof (including amounts distributable in respect of owners’, partners’ or members’ tax liabilities resulting from such sale), in each case after taking into account any available tax credits or deductions and any tax sharing arrangements and amounts required to be applied to the repayment of Indebtedness.

Note” or “Notes” has the meaning assigned to it in the preamble and includes the Initial Notes, any Additional Notes and any Exchange Notes.

Obligations” means any principal, interest, penalties, fees, indemnifications, reimbursements, damages and other liabilities payable under the documentation governing any Indebtedness.

Offering Memorandum” means that certain offering memorandum relating to the Notes, dated August 3, 2017.

Other Person” has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Consolidated EBITDA.”

Parent” means (i) any of the Designated Parent Companies, and each of their respective successors (by way of conversion, merger and amalgamation), and/or any direct or indirect Subsidiary of the foregoing a majority of the Capital Stock of which is owned directly or indirectly by one or more of the foregoing Persons, as applicable, and that directly or indirectly beneficially owns a majority of the Capital Stock of the Company, and any successor Person to any of the foregoing; and (ii) any holding company of the foregoing where the direct or indirect holders of the voting stock of such holding company immediately following the transaction where the holding company became a holding company are substantially the same as the holders of the Issuers’ voting stock immediately prior to that transaction. For purposes of the second paragraph of Section 4.07, the term “Parent” shall include any corporate co-obligor if such Parent is a limited liability company or other association not taxed as a corporation.