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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 07/12/2017
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Section 2.13 CUSIP Numbers.

The Issuers in issuing the Notes may use “CUSIP” numbers (if then generally in use), and, if so, the Trustee shall use “CUSIP” numbers in notices of redemption as a convenience to Holders; provided that any such notice may state that no representation is made as to the correctness of such numbers either as printed on the Notes or as contained in any notice of a redemption and that reliance may be placed only on the other identification numbers printed on the Notes, and any such redemption shall not be affected by any defect in or omission of such numbers. The Issuers will promptly notify the Trustee in writing of any change in the “CUSIP” numbers.

Section 2.14 FATCA.

The Issuers hereby agree (i) to give notice to the Trustee upon becoming aware that any payment under the Indenture will be treated as a withholdable payment, as such term is used in Sections 1471-1474 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and Treasury regulations promulgated thereunder (“Applicable Law”); and (ii) that the Trustee shall be entitled to make any withholding or deductions from payments under the Indenture (and shall not be required to pay any additional amounts with respect to any such withholding or deduction on or in respect of the Notes) to the extent necessary to comply with Applicable Law.



With respect to the Notes only, Article 3 of the Base Indenture is hereby replaced with the following:

Section 3.01 Notices to Trustee.

If the Issuers elect to redeem Notes pursuant to the optional redemption provisions of Section 3.07, it shall furnish to the Trustee, at least 15 days but not more than 30 days before a redemption date, an Officers’ Certificate setting forth (i) the clause of this Supplemental Indenture pursuant to which the redemption shall occur, (ii) the redemption date, (iii) the principal amount of Notes to be redeemed and (iv) the redemption price; provided that the Issuers shall notify the Trustee 5 days prior to any such redemption, which notice period may be waived by the Trustee.

Section 3.02 Selection of Notes to Be Redeemed.

If less than all of the Notes are to be redeemed at any time, if the Notes are held in definitive form, the Trustee shall select the Notes for redemption, on a pro rata basis, by lot or in accordance with any other method as the Trustee shall deem appropriate, if the Notes are held in global form, the Notes shall be selected for redemption by the depositary in accordance with their applicable procedures.